Idaho TV History

This page was contributed by Frank Aden, Jr.



Sept. 1941, 144mhz, 10-15 watts, experimental station operated by Idaho State College (now University) in Pocatello

KFXD, ch. 6, Nampa, used Gates Lab. Transmitter, granted license in early 1953, on air June 19, 1953, at 1:10 pm, on for 5 hours. Was approved for 19.72kw video, 12.95kw audio, but was operating 500w, 250w. Off Aug. 12th, sold and call possibly changed to KTVI, (KGEM, dropping the ch. 9 license) around Nov. 19, 1953. Idaho Statesman reported KGEM/KTVI had acquired equipment in Nampa but suspect this was the old KFXD-TV equipment. Had plans for main studios at Deer Point and additional studios at Boise and Nampa. Was to be ready to go on air in May 1954, but did not. Believe deleted in Oct. 1954. KFXD-TV was independent, unable to secure ABC Network.

KTVB, ch.7, Boise, CP issued to KIDO radio on 12-23-52 (3-26-52 applied), 53kw, RCA transmitter, tower less than 100ft on Crestline Dr. Started construction on Feb. 5th. On air as KIDO-TV on July 12, 1953. Moved to Deer Point, with 160w in 1956. Became KTVB in Feb. 1959. Now 194kw. Was NBC, CBS, and Dumont until Nov. 1953 when it dropped Dumont. Joined ABC as a secondary on Nov. 15, 1953. Was NBC, ABC until 1974 and NBC only since then.

KBCI, ch. 2, Boise, owned by KDSH radio, licensed issued 5-14-53, on the air 11-23-53, originally licensed to Meridian, transferred to Boise in Jan. 1955. KDSH radio then became KBOI. Went to 65kw in 1956. Became KBCI in 1975. May have originally applied for the call of KTOO. Was CBS/Dumont in 1953-55, also ran some ABC until 1974. Has been CBS only since then.

KIDK, ch. 3, Idaho Falls, on the air as KID-TV on Dec. 20th, 1953, transmitter located on East Little Butte, 100kw, RCA transmitter. Later became KIDK. CBS & some ABC until 1974. since then has been only CBS.

KMVT, ch. 11, Twin Falls, applied for CP in Aug 1953, planning to be on in April 1954 but did not make it on the air until May 30th, 1955. Transmitter located on Jerome Butte, 316kw. Was KLIX-TV, became KMVT in 1962. Is CBS, has also ran ABC and NBC programs in past.

KLEW, ch. 3, Lewiston, on the air Dec. 9th, 1955, with 13.8kw, 6.92kw, transmitter located north of Clarkston WA. Now 56.2kw. Semi-sat. of KIMA-TV in Yakima. Is CBS. Applied for ch. 3 around October 12th, 1954 after FCC proposed to reallocate ch. 3 to Richland WA but which fortunately did not occur.

KCIX, ch. 6, Nampa, CP issued 3-27-58, on the air 11-9-58, with 8kw, off air Jan. 4, 1960. Transmitter was at KFXD-AM Transmitter site, south of Meridian. Antenna was on top of one of the self-supporting KFXD towers. Sold station to Publix Broadcasting but they never did anything with it. Was independent, unable to secure ABC Network due to limited coverage area.

KTLE, ch. 6, Pocatello, CP issued to KBLI-690, Blackfoot, first on the air 7-02-59 with 70kw, off the air 1-23-61, back on the air 9-8-62, off again 2-12-64, back on the air 7-2-67, off for the last time 11-18-71. Was NBC from 1959 to 1961, lost NBC to KIFI when it came on the air in 1961, then became Independent when returned to air in 1962, ran some ABC programs from 1967 to 1971.

KIFI, ch. 8, Idaho Falls, CP issued 9-20-60, first on the air, 1-3-61. Was 160kw. Now 316kw. Had an application in 1953. NBC, ran some ABC programs until 1974. In Jan. 1996 KIFI ch. 8 Idaho Falls and KPVI ch. 6 Pocatello traded networks. KPVI is now NBC and KIFI is now ABC.

KUID, ch. 12, Moscow, CP issued in 1965 (for KRTS), on 7-27-65. 115kw, first on the air 12-9-65. Transmitter on Paradise Ridge. Now 316kw. Idaho Public Broadcasting, PBS.

KAID, Ch.4, Boise, CP issued 6-19-71, first on the air 12-31-71, Transmitter on Deer Point, 28.2kw. Idaho Public Broadcasting, PBS.

KISU, ch. 10, Pocatello, first on the air 6-17-71, as KBGL-TV, with 66,100 watts. Transmitter located on Little East Butte. Going to 122kw. Idaho Public Broadcasting, PBS.

KIVI, ch. 6, Nampa, CP issued to Idaho TV Corp, ( after 4 year fight between Snake River and ITC). First on the air 2-1-74. Was KITC for about a year. 60.3kw. ABC. 

KPVI, ch. 6, Pocatello, first on the air as KPTO on 4-26-74. 100kw. ABC and runs some UPN programs. In Jan. 1996 KIFI ch. 8 Idaho Falls and KPVI ch. 6 Pocatello traded networks. KPVI is now NBC and KIFI is now ABC.

KTRV, ch. 12, Nampa, first on the air 10-13-81. Transmitter on Deer Point, 179kw. FOX.

KIPT, ch. 13, Twin Falls, first on the air Jan. 1992. 3.99kw. Idaho Public Broadcasting, PBS. Sat. of KAID.

KNIN, ch. 9, Caldwell, first on the air Dec 11, 1992 as KHDT. 155kw. Was HSC, became UPN when changed to KNIN in 1996.

KXTF, ch. 35, Twin Falls, first on the air 10-31-88 as KKVI. 96kw. Became KXTF April 1996. Was semi-sat. of KPVI with ABC. Now FOX.

KCDT, ch. 26, Coeur D' Alene, first on the air 9-22-92. 12.3kw. Idaho Public Broadcasting, PBS. Sat. of KUID.

KFXP, ch. 31, Pocatello, first on the air Fall 1998. 2140kw. FOX


KGEM ch. 9, Boise, 31.6kw, 15.8kw, granted license on apx. Jan. 14th, 1953, canceled on March 3rd, 1954. Had plans for 107ft tower to be installed at Deer Point (2248 HAAT). Bought KFXD-TV application in Nov. 1953 & dropped application for ch.9 but never did anything with it. New call was to be KTVI, ch. 6, 19.5kw, 9.9kw. Was probably canceled in 1955.

KIFT ch. 6, Idaho Falls, 23.5kw, 13.71kw, had target date of 1955. Came on as KIFI-TV in 1961.

KISJ, ch. 6, Pocatello, 7.21kw, 3.61kw, KJRL radio, 1953. Had target date of Nov. 1954. Around June JUNE 29th 1954, owner Tribune Journal stated that due to high operating costs and the unavailability of live network TV decided to drop the station and sell it to KWIK.

KWIK, ch. 10, Pocatello, 3.2kw , 1.9kw, KWIK radio, Charles Crabtree, Eastern Idaho Broadcasting and TV Co., application received in Jan. or Feb. 1953. Originally planned to be on the air in Sept. 1953 but later had target date of 1955. Was to be ABC. Around June 29th, 1954 KWIK was offered the KISJ application by owner Tribune journal, in which they would then drop the application for ch. 10.

KGTV, ch. 10, Pocatello, application existed in early 1960s. Was later reallocated to educational.

KHTV, ch. 13, Twin Falls, 12.3kw, 6.17kw at 218ft. Application existed in 1955 but was shortly thereafter dropped. 60% owned by KIDO-TV (now KTVB) and 40% by KTFI radio.

KSEI-TV, ch. 6, Pocatello, 69.2kw, 34.7kw, KSEI radio, had target date of Oct. 1956.

KBYN ch. 13, Twin Falls, application existed in early 1960s. Transferred to College of Southern Idaho, July 1972 by KTVB. Was originally a commercial allocation.

K???, ch. 12, Nampa, application by Continental Broadcasting Co. of America, 1972, had address listed of 816 12 Ave. S, phone 467-3051. Station was to be Christian, had listing in 1972 phone book. Never made it on the air.

KWHP, ch. 14, Boise, application existed in early 1990s. Never made it on the air due to possible interference problems on Deer Point.

KMCV, ch. 20, Idaho Falls, application existed in early 1980s.