Wayne Richards


BLACKFOOT - One of the most famous voices in Eastern Idaho is no longer with us. Radio DJ Wayne Richards died September 21, 2008 in Hawaii.

This is the studio where Richards spent his mornings, sharing music and his life with fans who tuned into KLCE radio. Hundreds of those fans sent their condolences to the radio station, after hearing of Richards' passing.

He was taken unconscious from the surf while snorkeling in the ocean near Honolulu. 

"Wayne was larger than life. Wayne was an icon. He has been on KLCE 97 for over 20-years and he has just been the voice of East Idaho. And you know, his life has had a rippling effect. He's affected so many lives, not only on KLCE, but also with everything else that he became involved with because of KLCE and all the service that is given to individuals and communities here in East Idaho and beyond. He's meant a great deal. He's been a great friend. He's a very kind man with a very large heart. There is nothing that he wouldn't have done for anybody," says co-worker Mindy Carey.

All the stations in the Riverbend Communications family are taking telephone calls, and website messages from fans who want to tell Richards' family how much the morning host meant to them.

Wayne Richards was 54-years old.