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A request from the webmaster --  If you are reading this, and work for a radio station, I would like you to check the information posted for your station, particularly the "Timeline".  In the information I have available, there are gaps where I may have been unable to find all the correct dates and/or changes that have occurred over the past years.  If you can provide any new information, or correct any erroneous information, please contact me.  If no timeline exists yet for your station, pass along what you know and we can include it on the site. 


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Our Mission:


To provide as an independent, non partisan organization, a permanent and living repository, for the preservation of the history of radio and television broadcasting within the State of Idaho, from inception, to and including, the present;

To bring to the community at large a broader knowledge of how pioneers in Idaho Broadcasting created enormous impact on the evolution of society;

To stimulate in people of all ages, especially the young, a recognition of the practical and real contributions to our quality of life that radio and television broadcasting has provided, and continues to provide, to the citizens of Idaho.


Organizational Structure:

The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation, Inc. is an Idaho non-profit corporation incorporated in January of 2004 with the Idaho Secretary of State. Application for Recognition of Exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code to be filed for in the immediate future.

Art Gregory is President of the organization, Frank Aden Jr. is Vice President and Secretary, and Rockwell D. Smith is Treasurer.  There are no paid employees. The corporation is staffed by volunteers. Funding for the organization will come from donations, membership and sponsorship fees, grants, and through the sale of official History of Idaho Broadcasting Merchandise and Memorabilia. All funds raised will be used to fund the work of the organization.


 Peter Robbins, CPA with Corbett & Robbins, LLP is the Corp’s financial advisor.


Randolph E. Farber, Nampa Attorney, is the Corporation’s General Counsel.
Robert L. Shaver, Registered Patent Attorney with the Boise firm Dykas, Shaver & Nipper, is the Corporation’s Copyright Advisor.

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