KIVI-TV 37th Anniversary Meeting
at Journal Broadcast Group in Nampa


The February 17, 2001 Meeting of the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation was held at the new Journal Broadcast Group headquarters at 1866 E. Chisholm Dr. in Nampa. 

Attending from the Foundation were President Art Gregory, Vice President Frank Aden Jr., Board Member and Treasurer Rockwell Smith, who is also Webmaster, and co-Webmaster Clint Tinsley. Clint was one of the engineers who helped build Channel 6 in Nampa and Pocatello in 1973-74 and was present at the Boise sign-on, February 1st, 1974.     
General Manager Marie McGlynnAttending from Channel 6 in Nampa was newly installed Vice President and General Manager Marie McGlynn who started her job in Boise on Valentine’s day Monday February 14th, General Sales Manager Ken Richey,  our host, Account Executive Mark Hopkins, new Member and fellow KIVI-TV Account Executive Dan Wilmot.
Foundation Members attending included: Tom Scott, Larry Smith,  RW Egeslston, Marty Holtman, new Member Stephen Wade, former KIVI-TV President General Manager Larry Chase, Larry Taylor, Don Morin and Katlin Cauffman from Citadel Communications, Al Hale, Bob Ahmann, Doug Copsey, Jeff Bishop, New Members Terry Moore and Mike Lesh.
Guests attending included Frank Aden Sr., who was here with VP Frank Aden Jr., and  Steve Davidson, who was here with Bob Ahmann. Also attending was Kevin Fritz, Regional Production Manager from Cable One Productions, who attended with Terry Moore, who Creative Director at Cable One.
After a delicious box lunch paid for by KIVI-TV (thank you Mark Hopkins and Channel 6!) the meeting was opened by President Art Gregory who had just been interviewed by KIVI-TV News Assignment Editor Steve Bertel and reporter Eric Fink. You can see the news clip, which aired on the KIVI-TV early news, by clicking on this newslink (Webmaster's note march 2014:  This link has expired)
Introduction of those attending was the first order of business, as Art introduced the many distinguished luncheon guests, starting with KIVI’s new General Manager Marie McGlynn. Art then went around the room and let each person speak and tell us a little about themselves. You can hear the introductions by clicking on “Segment one” of the audio clips.
After the guests were introduced, Art handed out the printed “History of the 3 Channel Sixes” which provide the complete chronology of the 3 different times Channel 6 has signed on the air. 
The actual sign-on audio of “Third” Channel 6 was then played where the first words for the new station were spoken by then announcer and copy-writer Mark Hopkins, who was there in the room with us 37 years later! Thanks to Bill Frahm (now Asst. Chief Engineer at Citadel Radio in Boise) and Frank Aden Jr. for recording the sign-on audio so we’d have it to play 37 years later! KITC-TV General Manager Harry Godsil was the narrator for the short clip which ran about 5:00 minutes.

Audio of the meeting is available here:  Segment one    Segment two   Segment three    Segment four

The full sign-on audio runs much longer and we hope to eventually post on our website under KIVI. A lively discussion ensued involving Ken Ritchie, Mark Hopkins, and Tom Scott. 
Clint Tinsley, who was employed by Channel 6 in 1973 to help build both the Nampa and Pocatello stations, explained how he was hired and even had his original letter of employment as well as photos of the early antennas and transmitter equipment. Thank You Clint for sharing this information. 
Video Clips of Channel 6 news reports and commercials were then played including the mid 80s Zamzows “we got em” ad starring Members Jeff Bishop and Dan Wilmot who played a red-neck customer and a helpful zamzows employee, respectively! Various Channel 6 news stories (mostly for Zamzows since Art has worked there as Communications Director for the past 20 years) were then played. They showed a young Claudia Weathermon, Dave Tester, Steve Liebenthal, Lynn Hightower, Elizabeth Duncan, and a wide array of other reporters, including current Channel 6 Anchors Don Nelson and Michelle Edmonds.

The meeting ended at 1:35 P.M with thanks to all for attending from President Gregory, and his sincere thanks to Marie McGlynn, Mark Hopkins, and Ken Ritchie for their hospitality.  President Art Gregory then thanked Channel 6 for hosting the event. New Vice President and General Manager Marie McGlynn thanked everyone for coming and said the meeting had been a great education about the history of KIVI for her, and a wonderful way for her to begin her career in Boise. Special thanks also goes out to Rick Kemp, Jeff, and the rest of the KIVI engineering and news staff for their help and assistance. THANK YOU CHANNEL 6!

A Guided Tour of the New Channel 6 Facilities was then offered to all who wanted to stay, and a number of people took the tour, which was hosted by Mark Hopkins. It included the newly remolded offices that now house all of Journals sales staff for their 5 television stations and 4 FM radio stations.