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A final sign-off 

J.A. "Jimmy" Johntz Jr., 90, of Boise, died Friday, July 30, 2010 in a Boise hospital.

A memorial service was held at 2 p.m., Wednesday, August 4, 2010
at the Alden-Waggoner Funeral Chapel.


The History of Idaho Broadcasting is very sad to report that the 
Foundation's first member, James A. "Jimmy" Johntz Jr., 90, of Boise, passed 
away Friday, July 30, 2010 in a Boise hospital. 

A memorial service was held  Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at the 
Alden-Waggoner Funeral Chapel in Boise. 

Jimmy started his broadcast career in the 1930s at Boise High School as a 
member of the "Radio Club" along with member Ralph Frazer, who is Jimmy's 
same age. Jimmy then went on to get a degree in Electrical Engineering at 
Stanford, graduating with honors. During his summers home, Jimmy worked for 
KIDO radio as a staff engineer, and then got hired fulltime at KIDO, taking 
over for Chief Engineer Harold Toedtemier when "Teddy" joined the military 
at the start of World War II. 

In the mid to the late 1940's, Jimmy helped build KIDO-FM, the state's first 
FM station, and was their first Chief Engineer.

In 1947, he was hired by KDSH (which in 1955, became KBOI Radio) as Chief 
Engineer. Once at KDSH, Jimmy was responsible for the following major 

1. Increased the KDSH's power from 1KW to 5KW. 

2. Pioneered the Deer Point transmitter site, and built the first 
commercial broadcast tower and transmitter building on the mountain. 

3. Designed and built KBOI-TV, signing it on the air on November 25, 

4. On KBOI-TV's first day on the air, Jimmy engineered Idaho's first 
live sports broadcast where Boise High played Nampa in a High School 
Football Game! 

5. Increased KBOI-TV to maximum power in 1956. 

6. Improved KBOI radio and television's studio facilities, adding 
state-of-the-art equipment 

7. Built the state's oldest FM station, KBOI-FM (now KQFC) 50 years 
ago! KQFC will celebrate 50 years on the air on November 1st of this year! 

8. Broadcast the State's first stereo programming using KBOI-AM for one 
channel, and KBOI-FM for the second channel! 

9. Broadcast the State's first "multiplex" stereo programs on KBOI-FM. 

10. Built the state's first color television facilities on KBOI-TV. 

11. Brought live network television programming to Boise using a microwave 
system that connected KBOI-TV in Boise to KSL-TV in Salt Lake City. 

12. Built the State's first (and only) 50,000 watt Radio station (KBOI-AM) 
in June of 1968. 

13. (working with Westerman Whillock) Hired the State's first Female News 
Reporters and Anchor People. 

14. Hired the State's first African American Anchor person (Marty Hill in 

15. Worked for KBOI AM-FM-TV for 36 distinguished years (1947-1983). 

As you can plainly see, Jimmy Johntz was a GIANT in Broadcasting in this 
State. He deserves to be honored to the fullest extent we can; and our 
Foundation is committed to doing just that, both now, and in the future. 

We will never forget our friend Jimmy Johntz, and all he did to advance the 
broadcasting industry in the state of Idaho. We wish to send our sincere 
condolences to his wife Willa, son (and Member) Andy, and to his other son 
Kevin, and their families. 

Thank you Jimmy. May God Bless you and your family. 

Art Gregory 


The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation Inc. 

465-8007 (work)



Elliot Klein 

It is with great sorrow that I inform our team that our leader, mentor and friend, Elliott Kurt Klein, passed away suddenly early Sunday morning in his home in Arizona. Elliott’s infectious personality , his drive to live a dream and his ability to connect personally with each and every one of us will be sorely missed.   Elliot was 61.

We are all here, doing what we are doing because of his dream to build the perfect broadcast company, centered around fun but mindful of the great responsibility we have to this business and this industry. He loved this thing called “radio” heart and soul.

I will let everyone know about arrangements as soon as I find out. I know all of your thoughts and prayers will be with his wife Nancy during this hard time. Honor his memory by keeping up the good work. He was fiercely proud of you all. I leave you with one of Elliott’s favorite sayings. An elliottism if you will…

“If something is worth doing…..it’s worth overdoing”. 

Amen brother.


Darrell Calton

Market General Manager

Impact Radio Group


Updated information added Sunday, August 8:

Okay. So we have the information and I will try to organize it for all of you the best I can. Before I get to the arrangement details I want to let everyone know that if you CANNOT make this service no problem, but Nancy has a request. If you CANNOT make it and have a favorite Elliott story (and yes there are many) please send it to me via email. I will collate them and deliver them to Nancy because she wants to include them in a book and may want to have someone at the service read them.


Once again for Idaho, we will arrange a later service and have Nancy’s blessings.

Services will be held and Whitney and Murphy Funeral Home. 4800 East Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018. Their Phone number is 602-840-5600.

The date will be Tuesday 8/10/10and the time is 3:00 PM.

I have spoken with the Arizona Biltmore, a hotel Elliott loved because Frank Lloyd Wright designed it and only ten minutes from Elliott’s house, 15 minutes from the airport and about fifteen or twenty from the funeral home. Because of summer rates you can call central reservations at get a five star for $99.00 for a classic room. The central reservation number is 800-950-0086. They also have some specials if you ask. There are pools all over and remember it is one hot SOB still. For the price it beats a La Quinta at 89.00. Elliott always said if it is worth doing, it is worth over-doing. Pay the extra ten bucks


I have looked at flights from all the major carriers. No issues if you book soon.

Maps. I am including a pdf with google maps. There is a hotel map, a map that shows Elliott and Nancy’s house and one that show the funeral home from both locations. Nancy’s address is 5529 East Sapphire Ln, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253.


Phone Numbers. Please call if you need help. Mona Calton has been there all week helping. Her number is 208-695-6650 or call me at 208-954-3166. Both are cell numbers. I will get there probably Sunday.


Once again. I do NOT have everyone’s contact numbers. Please forward this on! Check the contacts and fill in. Hope to see some of you there.


Darrell Calton

GM, Impact radio Group