The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation


Seattle Connection!


May 21, 2010


A Special Meeting of the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation took place on May 21, 2010 from 11:00-3:00 P.M. at Spiro’s Italian Restaurant located just North of Seattle on Aurora Avenue in Shoreline, Washington. It was the Foundation’s first “out of state” meeting and was appropriately named “The Seattle Connection” by co-organizers Jack Allen Thompson and Art Gregory in October of 2009 when they first dreamed up the idea. The purpose was to reunite members of the original KIDO “Live Five” announcing team with their old boss, Jack Link at an official History of Idaho Broadcasting meeting in Seattle, and we are pleased to report it could not have gone better!

 Jack Thompson and Jack Link



Foundation Officers attending from Boise included the organization’s co-founders, President Art Gregory, and Vice President and Secretary Frank Aden Jr.  Foundation Member Ray Littrell also was there and served as the official videographer for the meeting. Board Member, Corporate Treasurer, and Webmaster Rockwell Smith unfortunately could not make the trip at the last minute due to family matters, but sent his best wishes and regrets.


Foundation Members attending from Boise included Del Chapman and Larry Taylor. Attending from Los Angeles was Member Dick McGarvin. Members attending from Seattle included guest of honor Jack Link, along with former KIDO announcer Jack Allen, who co-produced the event.


  Dick McGarvin and Del Chapman (have not seen one another since 1965)


Special Guests of Honor (and future members) included former “Live Five” announcer and KIDO Program Director Jim Blossey, who drove down from nearby Edmunds, Washington, and former KYME Program Director Dick Stott who flew in from St. George, Utah! Also attending was former KIDO Announcer from 1967-1968 Marsh Terry, who now resides in Bainbridge Island, Washington.


left to right: The KIDO LIVE FIVE and the years they were on KIDO:

Jack Thompson (1964-1967), Larry Taylor (1967-1968),“Deacon” Del Chapman (1959-1965),

“Just Plain” Dick McGarvin (1959-1965),“Jazbo” Jim Blossey (1959-1964)




The meeting started with a delicious lunch served by Spiro’s friendly staff. While lunch was being served, President Art Gregory welcomed the attendees, and acknowledged them one by one, in order of their service dates at KIDO. Introduced from the former KIDO staff, were: former General Manager Jack Link, and former Live Five Announcers Dick McGarvin, Del Chapman, Jim Blossey, Jack Allen Thompson, Larry Taylor, and part time announcer Marsh Terry. Art then introduced special guest and former KYME Program Director Dick Stott, and Foundation co-founder Frank Aden Jr., and Member Ray Littrell.

 Dick Stott from KYME (1963-1970) and del Chapman KYME (1965-1968)

A special taped telephone greeting from 94-year-old Vern Moore, former KIDO Announcer, and Program, News, and Farm Director was then played. The message was produced by Art Gregory using taped excerpts from a telephone conversation recorded on Tuesday May 19th. Vern now lives with his wife Loraine in Hayden, Idaho (near Coeur d’ Alene) and is in good health. In the coming weeks, we hope to travel to Northern Idaho to interview Vern about his years at KIDO Radio and KIDO Television (which changed to KTVB in February of 1959 when KIDO radio was sold to Mesabi Western Corporation). Click here to hear Vern’s audio greeting which runs 6:37


Emcee Jack Allen then made a special presentation to Foundation President Art Gregory. First, he presented the Foundation with a beautiful wall banner that celebrated the Seattle Connection, listing the names of all the attendees, from both the KIDO Live Five, and the Foundation and its officers. Jack Link then presented Art with a beautiful plaque that showed the “Miss Wahoo” Racing team logo and then read: 

The KIDO Live Five 
Former members come together in grateful recognition of Art Gregory and the
History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation, Inc. for the dedication in preserving
a notable period of Idaho radio history.


Thank you for Remembering Us.

Dated this Twenty-First Day of May 2010
Jack Link, Jim Blossey, Dick McGarvin, Del Chapman,
Jack Allen Thompson, Larry Taylor, and Marsh Terry. 


Jack Link then presented the Foundation with a $500 check from William E. Boeing Jr. himself! Art was stunned by the presentation and thanked Jack Link and Bill Boeing for their continued support of the Foundation, which will put the funds to good use. Jack Link then told the story of how he met Bill Boeing Jr. in 1958 at the Hyrdoplane races in Seattle when he was Program Director of KING-AM radio.  He congratulated the members of the Live Five for their many accomplishments and pointed out that it was team effort. Jack was also pleased that the Boise Jaycees named him Boise’s “Young Man of the Year” in 1962 and said it was due to the tremendous amount of community involvement by the KIDO staff.


The KIDO Live Five Staff then each spoke about the role KIDO and Jack Link had played in their respective careers. It was truly amazing listening to each KIDO announcer tell Jack Link that it was his guidance and leadership, as well as his encouragement, that allowed them to excel at their jobs, nurture and develop their talent, and then move on to greater things in their radio careers, many of which were quite noteworthy, and in markets larger than Boise. It was a highly emotional exchange, and also included many funny stories from all of the Live Five.


Dick McGarvin then played some great KIDO audio clips he compiled from the early 1960s, which included KIDO jingles made by Music Ads of Boise featuring Gib and Jeannie Hochstrasser.  Click here to hear the audio which includes the following cuts in order:

1.       “K-I-D-O The Sound of Treasure Valley - Boise” choral jingle by Music Ads

2.       American Janitor Supply (now American Cleaning)  Jim Blossey and Dick McGarvin

3.       M&W Market commercial music bed

4.       Vince’s Cyclery - Jim Blossey and Dick McGarvin
5.       Green Griffin Jewelers – voiced by Grace Farley (later Grace Ingalls)
6.       Vern Moore “Check Point” news tag introducing Dick McGarvin
7.       M&W Markets spot read by Lon Dunn, with a special intro and closing by Dick McGarvin
8.       Fiesta Ballroom Dance with the Chessmen – two voice spot with Dick McGarvin and Jim Blossey
9.       Baird’s Dry Cleaners – Jim Blossey and Dick McGarvin
10.   “KIDO 6-3-0 in Boise” choral jingle by Music Ads
11.   Del Chapman “Checkpoint News” tag
12.   Boise Tire with “Boise-Tire-Tire-Tire-Boise Tire!” jingle – voice by Bob Swanson
13.   Lindsey Soft Water voiced by Jim Blossey and Dick McGarvin
14.   Alexander’s Men’s Store jingle (with donut)
15.   McDonald’s “All American Meal” commercial voiced by Jack Thompson
16.   KIDO “City of Trees” jingle by Music Ads 


The Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 P.M. and featured hugs, handshakes, and a picture taking session as well a vow to get together and do this again in 2011. The entire meeting was recorded on both audio and video tape, and a copy of which will be made available to Foundation members a special price, and to non-members at a slightly higher price. Watch this website or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by phone at (208) 853-7756 to order your copy.