The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation

 held a "hosted luncheon" on Friday May 7, 2010 fromNoon-1:30 P.M in the main on-air studios of KBOI-TV located in downtown Boise at 16th & Main Streets. While waiting to go into the studio, early arrivals enjoyed a display of KBOI memorabilia in the Channel 2 Conference Room.

The purpose of the meeting was to celebrate the return of the KBOI-TV call letters to Channel 2, which were officially changed from KBCI back to KBOI-TV on February 1, 2010.




Officers attending from the Foundation included President Art Gregory, Vice President and Secretary Frank Aden Jr., and Treasurer and Webmaster Rockwell Smith. Sadly, our first member and guest of honor Jim Johntz, who worked at KBOI from 1947-1983, first as Chief Engineer and then as President and General Manager, could not attend due to health reasons. We wish him a speedy recovery and thank his son Andy Johntz for phoning in their regrets on not being able to attend, saying both he and Jimmy hoped we had fun and a good meeting.


Former KBOI-TV employees were invited to join us for the meeting, and many did! Foundation Members who attended that used to work for KBOI (or still do) included former Traffic Director Vee Cederstrom and her husband Don Cederstrom (who did contract engineering work for KBOI in the early days), Marty Holtman, Larry Smith, Paul J. Schneider (now from Citadel), Clint Tinsley, Jeff Bishop, Larry Chase, David Hagen (aka Paul King who traveled to Boise from Phoenix), Norm Gunning (who drove in from Portland), Bill Frahm, Tom Scott, Bill Hatch, and Katlin Cauffman (from Citadel).


Invited guests who used work at KBOI included Dick Eardley (former News & Sports Director and Mayor of Boise), Alice Dieter, and Don Hague.




Foundation Members attending but have never worked for KBOI included Merlyn Knight, Al Hale, Andy & Linda Enrico, Ray Littrell, Harold Homeier, Byron Johnson, R.W. Egelston, Lucas Babin (from Member Peak Broadcasting), Larry Taylor, Gil Rose, Del Chapman, Gerry Dean Moser & Melva Matson, Jon Adamson, KJ Mac (from Member Journal Broadcast Group), and Brandi Hulme & Mark Broz (from Member Impact Radio Group).


Other guests included Mark Ackerman, famed Idaho Statesman Reporter Tim Woodward, Terry Tario General Manager of Bustos Media, former KTVB News Anchor Gretchen Anderson, and her guest Rachel Hatch, and Randal the Chief Engineer of KBOI radio.




After a delicious lunch supplied free of charge by KBOI-TV, Fisher Communications Vice President and General Manager Larry Roberts welcomed the group of approximately 50 people with some brief introductions of former KBOI employees. Citadel Market Manager Don Morin, who is General Manager of KBOI Radio, explained how the Foundation played an important role in helping him decide whether or not to pursue allowing KBCI-TV to change their call letters to KBOI, and how he believes it is working out to be a very positive move for both stations.


Larry Chase then introduced the main program which was a 30 minute television documentary on the History of Channel 2 called "Through the Years." Produced by David Priest and hosted by Member Marty Holtman, this fascinating program originally aired on Thanksgiving night 1986, and celebrated KBOI-TV's historic sign-on


November 25, 1953.

In the video, which was seen on the large flat-screen monitors in the Channel 2 studios, we saw fabulous interviews made in 1986 with former Channel 2 employees! We were all amazed to see Wes Whillock, Jimmy Johntz, Bob Howell, Bill Gratton, Dick Eardley, Louise Davis, Barrett Rainey, Larry Chase, Paul J. Schneider, Tim Bever, Mark Montgomery, Bonnie Wallis, Bob Ritchie (aka "Sky West") and many more!

KBOI News's hard-hitting investigative journalism
 was spotlighted as former KBOI News Director Dick Eardley explained how his reporter Rick Raphael helped free a Mountain Home Airman of murder charges. Cameraman Mark Montgomery then took us (and Channel 2 viewers) inside the Idaho State Prison during a dangerous hostage take-over, which in 1980, resulted in the Ada County Prosecutor coming to the station on a Saturday morning with a court order to seize the video tapes! Plus, we also saw lots of other historic KBOI news footage of Boise and the nation! Thanks to Member Larry Chase for supplying the Foundation with a DVD copy of this program!


After the 30 minute documentary, we saw color film footage of one of the first KBCI-TV Billboards featuring Bill Gratton, Larry Chase & Paul J. Schneider, and clips from a 1978 Telethon hosted by Larry Chase! Larry then opened it up for questions and comments, and we heard from Dick Eardley, Alice Dieter, Marty Holtman, Vee Cederstrom, Don Hague, Paul J. Schneider, Jeff Bishop, and Larry Smith.


At the end of the meeting all on-air talent was invited to "pose" for a picture on the beautiful new KBOI-TV on-air News ‘set" and every camera in the room flashed as some historic, perhaps once in a lifetime photos were taken! Larry Roberts then announced that the optional "tour" was starting and a number of guests went on it, seeing the entire KBOI-TV operation!


Thanks to Larry Roberts, Eric Holbrook, Bob and Joe of the KBOI-TV Engineering Department, Bill Frahm of KBOI Radio, and the entire KBOI-TV staff for their wonderful help and cooperation in making this meeting possible! Hosting 50 people in your on-air studio for a free "lunch" is a major expense and inconvenience, but Channel 2 made us all feel welcome and treated us FIRST CLASS, which is what you'd expect from a leader, which KBOI-TV was in its day, and in our opinion, is making a strong move to get back on top. Anyone who attended this meeting will agree, they are well on their way! Thank You Larry Roberts and staff!


The full audio from the meeting is available below! Stay tuned to this site for information concerning our next meeting, which will be in Seattle on May 21st with Jack Link and Members of the original KIDO "LIVE FIVE" and some of the KYME "jock in the box" announcers from the Hillcrest Plaza studios! If you wish to join us in Seattle please email Art Gregory ASAP atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Audio Segment 1 - Introduction

Audio Segment 2 - Documentary Audio

Audio Segment 3 - Closing comments