(note:  Due to a recorder malfunction, we do not have audio from this meeting.  However, the audio clips that were played have been inserted.)


 The December Meeting

of the

History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation

took place on Friday December 11, 2009 at Smoky Mountain Pizza & Pasta

on Parkcenter Blvd. in East Boise.

A near-capacity crowd attended, using every chair in the room!

Vice President Frank Aden Jr. was ill, but President Art Gregory and

Webmaster Rockwell Smith attended, with Art conducting the meeting and Rockwell talking photos.  


Members attending included: Ray Littrell, Rick Hogue, Tom Scott, Vee and Don Cederstrom, Lucas Babin from Corporate Member Peak Broadcasting, Linda and Andy Enrico, Larry Chase, new member Larry Taylor, Bob Ahmann, Al Hale, R.W. Egelston, and 3 employees from Corporate Member Citadel Broadcasting, including Assistant Chief Engineer Bill Frahm, KBOI Sales Manager Tom Newman, KBOI Account Executive Katlin Cauffman, and KIZN-FM and KZMG-FM Account Executive Blair Crook.    .


Guests attending included Jon Duane, Jerry Rohnert, Jim Reynolds, Everett Cussins, Andrea Greenberg, and Steve Davidson. 


After a great lunch expertly served by Smoky Mountain’s Tennyson Berty, Art did an informal introduction of everyone in the room. Old photos and brochures concerning Jack Link, Bart Bishop, Music Ads, and some 1973 KFXD Music Charts were passed around the table for all to view.    .


Several members brought gifts including Don and Vee Cederstrom who brought a 1954 KBOI-TV program schedule featuring Bill Gratton’s picture on the back, and a special plastic “microphone radio” that was fixed tuned to KIDO on their old frequency of 630 KHZ. Both were big hits with the crowd. Member Larry Chase brought a KBBK-FM small egg-shaped bank from his days working for Member Ralph Frazer in 1969 at KATN-AM and KBBK-FM. Thanks to Don & Vee Cederstrom and to Larry Chase for their contributions, which will become part of the Foundation’s permanent collection.   .


The Jack Link Tribute was next as Art introduced and then played the 7:00 Jack Link tribute video. It was produced in Seattle last year and played in October of 2008 when Jack was awarded the prestigious L.C. Foss Award in Seattle for “Aging with Excellence.” It was a wonderful video and featured his oldest son Tim Link doing his own tribute to his Dad. The audio for the video will be posted here and you can hear it for yourself (Audio has not yet been uploaded). Jack Link is still a very loved and appreciated man, both in Seattle and in his native Boise where he grew up and made countless friends, many of whom he still has! He has been a tremendous friend and supporter of our organization since learning of it in 2007 through Member R.W. Egelston. Jack sends his comments in this over-the-phone audio.


 Bart Bishop was the son of Norm Bishop who owned the Volkswagen car dealership located next to KBOI AM-FM-TV on Jefferson street in Boise, and later in Boise Motor Village at Franklin and Cole. Then, to help refresh everyone’s memory, Art played a Jim Hawkes “news intro” for Norm Bishop sponsored newscast, taken from a brief excerpt from KBOI’s 50,000 watt sign-on show recorded on June 25, 1968 featuring a John Clark newscast introduced by announcers Bill Gratton and Gene Perkins. Sadly, Bart Bishop passed away a few months ago of natural causes and was part of Providence, a classically-influenced rock band of the early 1970s. Former KYME Music Director Jim Reynolds then did a special tribute to Bart, and told  the audience who Bart was, as well as profiling the other members of Providence, several of whom are now playing with the Boise Philharmonic and writing their own classical music symphonies. Providence was signed as the only other act to ever record on the Moody Blue’s Threshold label and had a top 12 hit in Boise in the spring on 1973 called “Fantasy Fugue.” Since former KFXD announcers Tom Scott and  Jerry Rohnert were both in attendance, Art played Tom’s KFXD singing jingle, and then played Jerry Rohnert’s TM “voicer” (“Jerry Rohnert!”) followed by the KFXD jingle going directly in to Providence’s hit record “Fantasy Fugue.” It was great to hear the song again, and everyone marveled at how fresh and current the song sounded 36 years later!Listen to the song (with the jingle intro) here.   .


Other Jingles were then played including a 1940s “Mutual” Broadcasting System jingle with a rare 1940s recording featuring a KFXD-AM ID delivered by Gil Rose Sr., the late father of Member Gil Rose. We then heard two 1974 RAB jingles by Donna Fargo and Dobie Grey using the theme “Radio is Free!” These were courtesy Member Keith Farr of Lodi, California. The recently acquired KYME jingle from the mid 1960s that sings “Dick Stott on Radio Kyme!” was then debuted. It was recorded directly off the original RCA tape cartridge supplied by Dick Stott – thanks Dick! Thanks to Bill Frahm of KBOI for donating the cart machine to play this on – thanks Bill! We then heard a fabulous 1962 Music Ads “company song” done for Intermountain Gas. Thanks to Greg Hackett (Jeanie’s son) who now works at Intermountain Gas and to former KGEM-AM and KJOT-FM announcer Byron Defenbach (who also works there) for sending us the jingle.   .  


Finally we debuted portions of Member Keith Farr’s excellent new DVD on “United Broadcasting – the Golden Pacific Group” which profiles the history of the founders of several prominent Northern California and Bay area radio stations, including KEEN-AM, KBAY-FM in San Jose, and KWIN-FM in the Lodi/Stockton market. We played the segment “Who Listens to Radio” by Ella Fitzgerald that features old film footage of Members Marty Holtman and Larry Chase, along with other KBOI radio and news announcers from the 1960s, as well as some television news footage of Lon Dunn and Paul J. Schneider from 1993. After hearing the jingle we were all reminded that Ella Fitzgerald can really sing! All of the audio tracks are included here for your enjoyment. Thanks to Member Keith Farr for supplying them, as well as the DVD. The Foundation is considering doing one of our own, perhaps with help and guidance from Keith, who started his career at KSRV in the late 1950s. According to Keith “My career began on Thanksgiving in 1957 with KSRV in Ontario, Oregon. I was raised on a farm in Adrian, Oregon. You mightalready know, there were some big names in broadcasting and movies that began in Idaho at KCID, and later at KGEM. Jim Hawkes was a teenage 'groupie" during my KLO years. He wouldcome up to the Hotel Ben Lomond and sit with me during my air shift. In 1963, I worked for KIFI TV 8 with Phil Riesen who became news anchor in SLC, now a Utah politician. I came to California In 1968.”


A brief discussion about Jack Link followed, with tributes offered by Members Don Cederstrom, Del Chapman, Andy Enrico, and Larry Taylor. The meeting was then adjourned.     


Thanks to all who attended, with special thanks to members Al Hale and Bob Ahmann for helping to move in the equipment. Al Hale helped us load up afterwards. Member Katlin Cauffman of Citadel took pictures as did Webmaster Rockwell Smith, and we wish to thank them as well. Stay tuned for details about our January 2010 meeting. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all!