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Ontario Armory Reunion Dance

August 29, 2009

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July 29, 2009 Meeting :




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The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation’s July Meeting was held Wednesday July 29th

from 11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M. at the new Boise City Library, located in the Hillcrest Plaza Mall in the former Mike’s Hillcrest Restaurant at 5246 W. Overland Road.

The purpose of the meeting was to honor Del Chapman, former Program Director of KYME-AM from 1965-1968. The meeting program focused on the “Glory Years” of KYME when Rock-n-Roll was HOT in Boise! Over 40 people came to meet Del and hear his story of how he helped bring “Rock Programming” to Boise on the Treasure Valley’s first full time rock & roll radio station, even though KYME was daytime-only on 740 kHz with 500 Watts! A casual lunch featuring sandwiches, chips, cookies, and soft drinks was provided free of charge to all who attended.


Foundation Officers attending included President Art Gregory, Vice President Frank Aden Jr., and Webmaster Rockwell Smith, who helped out by serving lunch and taking pictures – thank you Rocky!

Guests of Honor attending included Del and Chris Chapman; Del’s son P.J. Chapman and his wife Susan; Susan’s mother Donna Sterling; Del and Chris’ daughter Heather Chapman; Del’s grandson; and several employees from Chapman Properties (the family business) and their family members. Also attending was original Chancellors member Tom Lowe, new Chancellors member Ross Miller, and Idaho Statesman Columnist Tim Woodward, a former member of the 1960s rock band the Mystics.

Foundation Members attending included Cindee Scholfield from Peak Broadcasting, former KYME disc jockey “Clint Thomas” aka Clint Tinsley, Bill Hatch, Katlin Cauffman and Tom Newman from KBOI, R.W. Egelston, Marty Holtman, Larry Chase, Larry Roberts Vice President of KBCI-TV,  new member Andy Enrico, Gil Rose Jr., Pete Furno, Shawn Kimmell, Merlyn Knight, and Al Hale.

Guests attending included; Tony Fenich, Wilford King, Pete Gregory, Jim Hafer (from Journal Broadcasting), former KYME Music Director Jim Reynolds, Doug Raper, Andrea Greenburg, Dave Englund, and Phil Mullins representing Bob Dye’s Ontario Armory Reunion Concert scheduled for August 29th.



The entire meeting was recorded on digital audio tape. Due to electrical interference in the room, there is some noise on parts of the tape which we wish to apologize for. We did edit back in the pre-recorded audio clips so you can enjoy them in their best fidelity. Each audio segment runs approximately 20 minutes.


After a nice lunch Art welcomes the crowd to the meeting and introduces Del and his family. We then give a brief history of KYME and their move to the Hillcrest Plaza Shopping Center in the summer of 1964. Del Chapman was hired away from KIDO in early 1965 after the tragic death of KYME’s young Program Director Johnny E. Lytle, who passed away on February 17, 1965. Art talks about the accident, as well as the rock “competition” between KFXD and KYME. In 1965, four (4) Boise stations were playing rock. KGEM was playing rock from 8:00-Midnight, KFXD was playing rock from 6:00-9:00 P.M. (and then until 10:00 P.M.) until 10,000 letters were received in a petition drive asking KFXD General Manager Wayne Cornills to allow rock to be played until midnight. The drive was successful and KFXD started playing rock until midnight in 1966. KIDO and KGEM both dropped their evening-only rock programming in 1966. Art then played an old KYME “Big Band” jingle done by Gib and Jeannie Hochstrasser’s “Music Ads” studios in the early 1960s. This segment ends with an introduction of the next two jingles.

Audio Segment 2


Art starts the next segment with music by playing two jingles from KUPI 980 Kc. In Idaho Falls. These jingles were identical to the ones used by KYME 740 Kc in Boise. They included:
“More Music Right after the News”
“For News and the Weather…Let’s All Get Together”

These two jingles also came from Gib and Jeannie Hochstrasser’s “Music Ads” studios in the early 1960s, as did the next three jingles we heard. These were actual commercial jingles that aired in Boise for the Western Idaho State Fair, Bank of Idaho, and Idaho First National Bank.

We then heard the Beatles play “Roll Over Beethoven” as Art explained how KYME used that song during the hot summer months as a “signal” for local sunbathers to “roll over” and toast the other side! We then heard the Pepper Tanner 1966 Jingle Package called “Quick Sigs” as done for WOLF Syracuse, New York.

Next, we heard the following re-built KYME jingles from the same package:

 “And Here We Go!”
“From the In-Sound in Boise K-Y-M-E”

Art then played a series of 1960s pop songs, each preceded by a KYME jingle which included:

 “I am Fool” by Dino Desi & Billy
“What The World Needs Now is Love” by Jackie DeShannon
“Heart” by the Liverpool Five”
“My Heart Tells Me to Believe” by The Womenfolk
“Love is Me Love is You” Connie Francis
“She’s My Girl” by the Boise band The Motifs
“Next Plane to London” by the Rose Garden
“Hey Joe” by The Leaves
“Here’s To You” by Hamilton Camp
“7 and 7 is” Love


Audio Segment 3

Art then played a tribute to Del going into the song “She May Call You Up Tonight” by the Left Banke. Spoken over the song’s intro, Del says… Keep Smilin’ Tiger! It’ll make Everyone wonder what you’ve been up to! These were Del Chapman’s final words EVERY time he signed off his radio show!

Art then told the story of Chris Chapman finding a small horse on Overland Road one night and bringing it to Del in the backseat of his 1956 Cadillac! According to Chris, Del then accidently said a “naughty” word on KIDO upon seeing the horse in the backseat of his Cadillac!

We then heard a very touching and funny tribute to Del from Jack Thompson (aka Jack Allen) former announcer at KIDO and KVI Seattle.

Art then introduced Bob Dye’s 1:00 tribute to Del which included background music by the Fabulous Chancellors. The recording also included a tribute to Del’s wife, Chris, using “Diamond in the Sky” by the Chancellors. Bob’s segment “brought the house down” and served as a perfect introduction for Del to speak about his life and his career, which he then did.

Del then told about his early history at KYME, his move to The Dalles, Oregon, and his dream job doing a request oldies show on KLTB-FM (“KOOL 104.3) in the early 1990s.
Del wraps up the luncheon by telling the emotional story of how his son “P.J” called in a request to KOOL-104 for the long version of “In-a Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly. PJ’s jeep was stuck in the nearby desert and Del called for listeners to go help pull him out! Del tells of managing bands and having the Chancellors play at both KIDO and KYME remotes. After leaving KYME, Del talks about working in The Dalles, Oregon, Omaha, Nebraska for KOIL where he became a pilot, and then about working in Spokane at KXLY Radio and Television and being fired for getting football tickets from the Promotions Director! Del wraps up the segment with the story of his family’s perilous move back to Boise from Seattle, the in the winter of 1985, and the free breakfast they received in LeGrande, Oregon because of his late son Lance’s Corn Snake entertaining the entire restaurant!

Art then closes out the meeting inviting those who wanted to, to then walk down to the old KYME studios in the Hillcrest Plaza Mall. The space is occupied by Calvary Chapel of Boise and is a church, but there was a similar adjoining office that looked just like the KYME studios.

The actual window placards were placed in the lower windows below where the control room would have been and Del posed for photos next to them. Both Dick Stott and Del Chapman’s images were on the signs. Thanks to Tony Fenich for bringing the placards and allowing us to photograph them and have Del pose next to them! It was truly a historic meeting and we wish to thank everyone who attended, as well as the staff of the Boise City Library, Hillcrest Branch, for their help and cooperation.

Special thanks to Del Chapman and his entire family for coming, and to Susan Chapman for encouraging us to honor Del. It was a well deserved tribute and we were honored to do it! We hope Del will be with us for many more meetings, and we urge you to join us for our next meeting, hopefully in August, which will be announced here, so stay tuned.