Audio from the meeting:


Segment #1 -  Kelly Cross, News Director


Segment #2 -  Fran Wilson, Former Chief Engineer


Segment #3 -  Dan Paixao, Current Chief Engineer


Segment #5 -  Rick Joseph, President and Art Intros followed by wrap-up


The June Meeting of The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation, Inc. was held 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. Wednesday June 17, 2009 in the main “on-air” studios  of KTRV Fox 12 Television in Nampa.  The purpose of the meeting was to see the impressive new set for Fox 12 News at 9:00, and the KTRV’s morning newscast.
Foundation Officers attending were President Art Gregory, and Vice President Fran Aden Jr. Taking photos for Webmaster Rockwell Smith, who unfortunately could not attend,  was Harold Homeier of Journal Broadcast Group Radio. 
Foundation Members attending included Cindee Scholfield and Lucas Babin of Peak Broadcasting, R.W. Egelston, Kitty Fleishman, Gary dean Moser, Al Hale, Larry Chase, Clint Fitch, Mike Pullin, Marty Holtman, Vera Cederstrom, and representing Corporate Member Citadel Broadcasting, Katlin Cauffman, and Tom Newman. 
Guests attending included Dan Long of A-1 Plumbing, Andy Enrico, former Sales Manager for KIDO-AM, Katrina Lemmon, Marketing Manager for the Idaho Center, and Andrea Greenberg from the Idaho Statesman. 
Attending from Fox 12 was President and General Manager Ricky Joseph, News Director Kelly Cross, KTRV Morning News Anchors Tami Tremblay and Nate Kuester, Production Manager Dan Widner, Chief Engineer Dan Paixao, Account Executive Dana White, and former Chief Engineer (and the man who built the original analog KTRV facility) Francis (“Fran”) Wilson. 
After a delicious lunch furnished by Fox 12, President Art Gregory introduced News Director Kelly Cross, who in turn introduced Morning News Anchors Tami Tremblay and Nate Kuester. Kelly told us about the recent rating success of KTRV’s news  programming, and little history behind how they first started doing what was then just a 30 minute Newscast at 9:00 P.M. The 30 minute newscast was soon expanded to a full hour, and along the way weekend and morning newscasts were also added. Kelly has been with Fox 12 the entire time and has seen many improvements, including their new robotic cameras with teleprompters, the operation of which, he explained to the crowd.  
Fran Wilson, KTRV’s former Chief Engineer was the next to speak. Wilson was the man who build the original KTRV analog facility in the summer and fall of 1981. Fran told the story of how the station was built from July-October and made it on the air October 18, 1981. Fran told about owner John Serrao’s extensive background in independent television, and how quickly KTRV became successful under Serrao’s leadership. Wilson retired in 2000, but was very proud of what KTRV has accomplished since he put the station on the air, 28 years ago this fall.
Dan Paixao, KTRV’s current Chief Engineer then spoke briefly about the station’s current digital equipment and their plans to expand it. 
Dan Widner, KTRV’s Production and Creative Director spoke about the beautiful new set he designed at the built to showcase the station’s News. He also spoke about the stations history and its current programming. He then played a 10 minute tape narrated by former anchor Rich Wright on the history of Block Communication, the current owners of KTRV. That was followed by a short piece on the history Channel KTRV 12. 
KTRV President Ricky Joseph was last to speak  and talked about the past, present and future of Fox 12; where they have been, where the station is now, and what their plans are for the future. He also spoke about the recent digital conversion and the stations new digital channel 12.2 and its new programming. Ricky thanks the crowd for attending and turned the microphone back to Art who briefly introduced all the guests, and then thanked everyone, and adjourned the meeting. 
Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming July Meeting!