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The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation



 held its May 20th Meeting at Citadel Broadcasting in Boise. The occasion was the Foundation’s 3rd Anniversary, celebrating the fact that the foundation had its first meeting, at the KBOI studios, three years ago in May of 2006.



 In three years, we have grown from one member, to over 60! Thanks to our first member Jim Johntz for encouraging us to start the Foundation by joining and paying his dues in advance at our first meeting. We also wish to thank Del Chapman and Gil Rose Jr. who then became our 2nd and 3rd members respectively! Both Del and Gil were in attendance for the May 20thmeeting, and both renewed their memberships for a 4th consecutive year!  Thank you Del and Gil, and to all of our loyal foundation members, for your continued support.




The other important occasion was the 62nd Anniversary of KBOI-AM, which signed on the air May 1, 1947 as KDSH with 1,000 watts on 950 kc. The next year, KDSH upgraded their facilities to 5,000 watts day and night, and changed call letters to KBOI in early 1955, to match KBOI-TV, which signed on in late 1953.


Foundation officers attending included President Art Gregory, and Vice President Frank Aden Jr. Webmaster Rockwell Smith could not attend, but is making his contribution now by posting these meeting notes and audio segments on the website you are logged into now! Thank You Rockwell for this, and all you do for the Foundation.


Member Pete Furno sent a message from Jim Johntz, who unfortunately could not,  

but sent a great KDSH story with Pete that involved Bill Gratton, Dar Dodds, and the Reverend Hartzel Cobbs. Member R.W. Egelston was also in attendance and pointed out that he was the only former KDSH employee in the room, working as a transmitter engineer at the Meridian site (where St. Luke’s Meridian hospital is now located).


Five staffers from Corporate Member Citadel Broadcasting, the present owners of KBOI-AM attended Market Manager Don Morin, Senior Account Executive Beth Ann Catlin, KBOI Account Executive, Katlin Cauffman, KBOI Afternoon Talk Show Host Nate Shelman, and Assistant Chief Engineer Bill Frahm.




  Former KBOI employees (who were also Foundation Members and guests) attending included former program Director Marty Holtman, afternoon announcer (and former KIVI-TV General Manager) Larry Chase, Former 1970s Announcer and Production Director Robin Lee Grube, former KBOI-TV Engineer (and KGEM, KYME, KATN and KIVI-TV engineer and announcer) Clint Tinsley, KBOI 1980s weekend announcer (and KIDO announcer and KYME Program Director) Del Chapman, and special guest, former KBOI-TV 1970s camera man Carl Asbury, and his wife Terri, who were visiting Boise from the San Francisco Bay Area. They were the guests of Larry Chase and will hopefully join the foundation and perhaps assist us in some grant writing opportunities. Carl was the nephew of the late Bob Asbury, legendary KBOI-TV morning announcer and “switcher” from the 1960s through the 1990s.



Other Members attending were Harold Homeier of Journal Broadcast Group, and Al Hale, former KTVR-TV transmitter engineer.Art then introduced all of the audio segments as listed. Here is the audio content for 

each segment. Audio Segment Previews: Segment #1:    Art welcomes the crowd and introduces the KBOI staff, Frank Aden Jr., and Bill Frahm; Pete Furno makes some opening comments about Jimmy Johntz; R.W. Egelston is introduced, Marty Holtman is introduced and makes some comments about working at KBOI; Engineer Bill Frahm is introduced and speaks of how the KDSH discs were recorded to reel to reel. He also comments on the 1940s-1950s General Radio AM Modulation Monitor donated to the Foundation by Citadel. It was in service from the late 1940s (or early 1950s) until 1981!Segment #2:    Art Gregory introduces (and gets comments from) Del Chapman, Clint Tinsley, Robin Lee, Larry Chase, Carl Asbury, and Gil Rose Jr. Art then previewed the KDSH audio cuts coming up in segment #3.



Segment #3:    The following KDSH and KBOI audio cuts were played in the following order (with some comments in between):

  1. KDSH Sign-Off “Idaho’s Most Powerful Station”
  2. KDSH Triangle Dairy Non-Alcoholic Eggnog Mix Commercial (Christmas)
  3. KDSH Stump The Band Promo for Wed at 8PM Show with Bill Graham (Bill Gratton)
  4. KDSH Sears Robuck & Company in Boise Christmas Jingle
  5. KDSH Falk’s Idaho Department Store “99 Cent Sale”
  6. KDSH Christmas Promo Christmas Day 4 ½ Hours of Music!
  7. KDSH Standard Furniture “3-Ring-Circus of Value” 13 pieces for $16 Silver dollars down payment!
  8. KDSH Sign Off (18 hour day 950 on the dial 5,000 watts)
  9. KDSH Lucky Lager Brewing Co Vancouver, Washington Commercial (regional spot)
  10. KDSH Provident Federal Savings 50 week “Christmas Saving Club”
  11. Chet Huntley CBS News ending and Columbia Broadcasting System Promo
  12. KDSH S&H Green Stamps Christmas Jingle More Gifts for Fewer Stamps! M&W Markets and Potter Drugs
  13. KDSH Basler’s Music spot for a Square Dance record by artist “Bill Mooney & his Cactus Twisters”
  14. KDSH “Aunt Jenny” Daily Soap Opera Promo (show ran) Monday-Friday at 1:00 P.M. promo
  15. KDSH Fifer’s Furniture 14th & Main for “Air Cooling Equipment”
  16. KDSH Fox Studios Fathers Day spot (give Dad a photo of his family)
  17. KDSH Car Corral spot for washing & greasing 24 hrs a day! (915 Grove Street)
  18. Snake River Stampede 1953 spot promoting Rex Allen & his horse Coco and the Arizona Wranglers!
  19. KBOI Boise Braves promo for the Heidelberg Brewery sponsored baseball game vs. Great Falls “Sparkies”
  20. KBOI Eastman Home News story about Warm Springs home destroyed in Fire in 1956.
  21. Marty Holtman March 67 KBOI aircheck (The Casinos,  Tommy James & Shondells, Frank & Nancy Sinatra)
  22. Dar Dodds & Bruce Whitehead Arthur Godfrey comments from their “First Anniversary” show from June 1959

 Art then explains and introduces the audio clips from Segment #4.     

Segment #4   The following segments are played with comments and explanation by Art Gregory in between cuts.

  1. 1968 Ennis Commercial Marty Holtman
  2. Art Gregory July 1970 Monday 8:30 P.M. aircheck w/ Traveler’s Radio Network KBOI Memory Bank Intro!
  3. KBOI Sports Scoreboard (with baseball bat hitting the ball!)
  4. Broadcasting’s 50 Yr. Anniv. Promo followed by “N-A-B” Promo & KBOI “Pattern Change” announcement.
  5. Hap Miller 1971 CBS Show Radio Show August 28, 1971 with Marty Holtman as the CBS Announcer
  6. Marty explains how he got to do the announcing with Larry Chase and Bill Gratton & the “drunks”
  7. Close of Hap Miller show w/ Marty doing CBS promo for “First Line Report” with Marvin Kalb & Dan Rather
  8. Art Gregory Saturday Morning Show January of 1972 starting at 5:00 A.M. featuring music of Lawrence Welk!
  9. Morning Show from January of 1972 with Cash Call to the 6AM CBS News 1972 with Polka Music.
  10. 6:30 Barry Thompson Newscast at 6:30 A.M. with Safeway “Discount” Commercial, Marty Holtman joke.
  11. KBOI Mountain Pacific Weather (introduction) Northern California, Western Nevada, etc.
  12. Mountain Pacific Weather (closing) ending at 7AM with CBS News
  13. Bob Rice Ford Commercial with Marty Holtman and joke bit #2 from Marty about Engineer Ed McFadden
  14. February 1972 Sunday afternoon Mountain Pacific Weather closing and KBOI Eyewitness TV-News Promo
  15. Paul J. Schneider February 1972 sports promo

 Art introduces the Paul J. Schneider and Lon Dunn interviews in segment 5.


 Segment #5


  1. Paul J. 2008 Interview done in early September of 2008
  2. Lon Dunn 2009 Interview done in March of 2009 with Gary Owens Story

Comments between the two interviews was done by Art Gregory. Bill Frahm then comments on KBOI’s early stereo programming, and Del Chapman comments on Lon Dunn. After Lon’s interview, we wrap-up with comments from KBOI’s Nate Shelman and a tribute to Marty Holtman. Art then told some great Larry Chase stories!  


To finish up the program Art asked each of the KBOI announcers in the room to give a “sign-off” or do their signature line for the tape. After some coaxing, Art got the following announcers to each do a KBOI promo line as follows:  


Nate Shelman – intro into commercial breakMarty Holtman – spoof intro for the Nate Shelman Show on KBOIBill Hatch – Just ahead of much more music on KCBQ!  That’s the News and now…here’s Lon Dunn and Paul J. Schneider!Larry Chase – the old clock on the wall…Dell Chapman – Deacon Dell Chapman here…  


Art then made some final comments about up the up-coming meeting on June 17th at KTRV-TV and signed off saying:  


Art Gregory…on 670…K-B-O-I…!  

 The meeting was then adjourned followed by an optional tour of the Citadel facilities hosted by Bill Frahm.  


Thanks to Don Morin, Bill Frahm, Beth Ann Catlin, and Katlin Cauffman for their hospitality and the wonderful food from Qdoba. See you next month at KTRV-TV!