Now that 2008 has moved into the pages

of history (which is what we are all

about) we begin to write the history

of 2009.  Happy new year to all of

you, and we hope you have a good year.


Meeting Notice!

(Or, Lack of Meeting Notice)

There was not  a meeting in December.

But, as we say in this business, "Stay tuned for an

important announcement concerning a January Meeting"

 Or something like that.


Our last meeting:

Audio #1:   Jack Link Intro, Dar Dodds promo, and Vern Moore

Audio #2:    Special guests and body of the meeting  


The November Meeting of the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation took place Friday November 21, 2008 from 11:30-1:30 P.M. at the Crystal Ballroom in the former Hotel Boise. The purpose of the meeting was to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of KIDO Radio which signed on November 11, 1928 as KIDO.  We met in the very same room where KIDO celebrated their 20th Anniversary 60 years ago in November of 1948! In fact, some of the same people were there for both celebrations, including our guest of honor, former KIDO Announcer Pete Furno!  Our 4 other guests of honor (in addition to Furno) included former KIDO AM & FM Chief Engineer Jimmy Johntz, (who was the first member of our Foundation), R.W. Egelston, FoundationMember and former KIDO Transmitter Engineer in the early 1940s at the Wiley Lane site, Bob Vaughan, former KIDO announcer in the 1940s and early 1950s, and former KIDO Chief Engineer Don Cederstrom during the 1960s and 1970s.



Very Special Guests attending from Peak Broadcasting, the current owners of KIDO (and Foundation Corporate Member), were Sales Manager Mike Sutton, KIDO Account Executive Larry Church, and Jason Wilmot, Peak’s AM Operations Director. Thank you Jason, Mike and Larry for your support!

Peak Vice President and General Manager Kevin Godwin could not attend due to a prior obligation at the Boise State University Football Game in Reno the next day, but sent his sincere thanks to the Foundation for organizing the event.


  Foundation Officers attending were President Art Gregory, Vice President Frank Aden Jr, and Webmaster Rockwell Smith.   Foundation Members attending included Byron Johnson (former Idaho Supreme Court Justice), Andy Johntz (Jimmy’s son), Rick Hogue, Marty Holtman, Al Hale, Helen Gregory (Art's mother), and Jon Adamson. Thank you loyal members!


Guests attending included Chuck Burgi, David Willman – former Boise Highlights of the Air Announcer, Betty Willman – wife of David, Vera Cederstrom – wife of Don and former KATN, KBOI-TV, KEST, and KTVB employee, Bill Roden - former Boise Highlights of the Air Announcer, and Francisco Santiago, future member. Thank you guests!


Special thanks goes out to guest Katlin Cauffman, who is a Sales Rep for KBOI-AM, who helped sign people in and collect the money for the luncheon. Katlin's employer, Citadel Broadcasting, is a new Corporate Member of the Foundation.  Prior to lunch, a number of old KIDO jingles from the early 1950s and 1960s were played through the "house" speakers in the ceiling. These "big band" jingles were produced by Gib Hochstrasser and featured his wife Jeanie on vocals. Jean also worked for KIDO as Continuity Director in the mid to late 1970s. Some newer “M-O-R” jingles from the 70s were also played. People really enjoyed all of them! Prior to the luncheon, folks viewed a large display of historic documents and photos from KIDO and KFAU, the Boise High School station that KIDO evolved from in 1928. Some of the photos were also projected onto a "big screen" and became a "slide show" which played all during the lunch and program. Rockwell Smith supplied the projector and set up the slide show. Vice President Frank Aden Jr. brought his 1937 complete copy of The Capitol News evening newspaper that showed the Hotel Boise studios when KIDO went NBC in October of 1937.



After a nice lunch supplied by Big Sky Catering who operates the Crystal Ball Room, President Art Gregory introduced everyone and thanked them for coming. Then, Art played 4 audio clips that lasted approximately 15 minutes. They included:  

1.   The June 25, 1968 recording of Bill Gratton and Gene Perkins discussing “Kiddo” Phillips and the time he called Bill at KIDO to complain about Announcer Dar Dodds’ singing during an Elks Ball Room remote Broadcast. These comments were made during the “Countdown” broadcast from 6:00-8:00 A.M the day KBOI switched from 5KW on 950 to 50,000 watts.

2.  A taped phone interview with former KIDO Announcer Art Laterno conducted by Hub Warner, who was Program Director at KIDO in the late 1940s. This taped interview was also aired June 25, 1968 on KBOI right before “The Big Switch” to 50 KW.


3.  A recent taped “greeting” from former KIDO Program Director and General Manager Jack Link made via telephone from Seattle on November 20, 2008, the day prior to the meeting.4.  A 10 minute excerpt by Vern Moore from a November 1974 Broadcast on KIDO during “Golden Sound Week.” On the tape, Vern took us through the entire history of KIDO from 1928 til 1974, and described what it was like to live in Boise at the time. Moore was at KIDO for 40 years, from 1937-1977, one year shy of Paul J. Schneider’s record of 41 years at KBOI. Plus Vern left during World War II and the Korean War for Military Serv



After playing the 4 tapes, Art then asked the 5 “guests of honor” to speak, starting first

with Jimmy Johntz. Bob Vaughan was next, followed by Pete Furno, and R.W. Egelston and Don Cederstrom also spoke, giving their history and sharing some memories about their time at KIDO.   After all had a chance to speak, Art asked them to share their memories about the “boss” Georgia M. Davidson, which they all did.  You can hear their actual comments on the audio, which is included at the top of the page for your information and enjoyment. They were quite touching, and it is apparent that everyone truly loved Georgia and felt she was a great boss.  Finally, we wrapped up the meeting with a discussion about the transmitter sites of 580 KIDO and 630 KFXD (now being re-branded by Peak Broadcasting as “630 KIDO”). Vera Cederstrom pointed out that her daughter Jenny now lives in the Phillips’ former home on the “Whitney bench” where the KIDO transmitter and “twin towers” were located from 1931-1936. We hope to tour the site sometime soon and view the transmitter building and transmission lines, both of which are reportedly still there!  The meeting was then adjourned, and a small group of us went to the 9th Floor to view the location of the first KIDO-FM which was on the sir a short time starting in 1946. The 9th Floor of Hotel Boise was the top floor at that time, and Jimmy Johntz built the FM studios in what was then several guest rooms. Art, Frank Aden, Rockwell, Al Hale, Rick Hogue, and Francisco Santiago all went to the 9th floor and were quite impressed with the view! The 9th floor is currently empty and we were granted special access courtesy of Melissa Bolton, leasing agent with Tomlinson & Associates, who manages the property. We wish to publicly thank Melissa for arranging this tour.  Thanks to all who attended this historic meeting and special thanks to Peak Broadcasting Company, Lisa and James at Big Sky Catering, Rockwell Smith, Frank Aden Jr., Al Hale, Katlin Kaufman, Helen Gregory, and especially our guest of honor: Jim & Andy Johntz, Pete Furno, Bob Vaughan, R.W. Egelston, Jack Link, and Don and Vera Cederstrom.  Stay tuned for details about our December Meeting coming up soon!