An enthusiastic group of 23 people attended the July 31, 2008 Meeting of the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation held at Smoky Mountain Pizza located on Parkcenter Blvd. in Boise.  The topic for the meeting was the upcoming 80th Anniversary of KIDO Radio, which will take place on November 11th, 2008.
Left side of table (front to rear): Art Gregory, Bill Hatch, Jimmy Johntz,
Andy Johntz, Samantha Wright, Al Hale, Jon Adamson, Dave Burnett
Jason Wilmot, Ele Ellis
Right side of table (front to rear): Tip Goss, R.W. Egelston
Marty Holtman, Don Wimberly, Larry Chase, Kathe Alters, Claire Day
Lucas Babin, Cindee Scholfield, Jim Kimball
Late arrivals (Not pictured): Del Chapman, Kevin Godwin, and Chris Kelley 
17 Members of The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation attended; including President Art Gregory, Bill Hatch, Jimmy Johntz, Andy Johntz, Al Hale, Jon Adamson, Ele Ellis, Tip Goss, R.W. Egelston, Marty Holtman, Larry Chase, Kathe Alters, Lucas Babin, Cindee Scholfield, Del Chapman, Kevin Godwin, and Chris Kelley.
Left to right: Larry Chase, Don Wimberly, Marty Holtman, R.W. Egelston
Guests attending included Samantha Wright and Don Wimberley from BSU Radio, and Dave Burnett, Jason Wilmot, Claire Day and Jim Kimball from Peak Broadcasting.
Left to right: Jim Kimball, Cindee Scholfield, Lucas Babin, Claire Day
The large turnout indicates there is a great deal of interest in the History of KIDO Radio. After introducing each member and guest, President Art Gregory then introduced Peak Broadcasting Senior Vice President and General Manager Kevin Godwin. Peak is the current owner of KIDO-AM (and KFXD-AM, Mix-106 FM, Lite FM, "KISS-FM," and WOW Country) and is working with the Foundation to publish a 50 page book on "the History of KIDO - 1928 to the Present." Kevin said Peak is excited about the upcoming anniversary and is pleased to be working with the Foundation to write and publish the book. The book will also be the Foundation's November Newsletter and will be sent free of charge to all current Foundation members. He also said KIDO plans to distribute another 100+ copies of the book to KIDO listeners, advertisers, staff, and will perhaps place some in lobbies as a "coffee table book." Art Gregory showed the group what the book might look like with a coil binding, hard "glossy" cover, and 50 pages in full color. Costs are being worked up now and the Foundation and Peak will each help fund the book. Having several "long time" KIDO advertisers help underwrite the book with the sale of some limited advertising was also discussed.
Top to bottom: Standing - William R. Hatch, Al Hale, Jon Adamson
Dave Burnett, Jason Wilmot, Ele Ellis
Kevin said there is also the possibility of doing a 1-3 Hour Radio Program on the History of KIDO to be produced jointly by KIDO and the Foundation. A giant "party" or celebration for clients and other interested parties, perhaps at the former Hotel Boise (now known as The Hoff Building), was also mentioned. Art pointed out that having "big events" at the Hotel Boise is a KIDO tradition that dates back to 1937, 1948, and 1949, and took place whenever KIDO reached an important milestone.
Left to right: Bill Hatch, Jimmy Johntz, Andy Johntz, Samatha Wright
Al Hale, Jon Adamson, Dave Burnett, Ele Ellis
The Foundation also brought their entire KIDO "achieves" to the meeting, and several historical items were passed around the table for viewing. These included a 38 year old Boise State Football Schedule from 1970 when KIDO was broadcasting the BSU Games with Walt Lowe and Cap Ingalls doing the play-by-play. 33 years later, KIDO is again carrying the Broncos and Kevin said they are very excited about the direction KIDO is going under Peak's ownership.  
 Left to right: Al Hale, Jon Adamson, Dave Burnett, Jason Wilmot, Ele Ellis
 There were also some copies of early letters to The Federal Radio Commission that detailed the "transfer" of KFAU from Boise High School to C.G. Phillips and Frank Hill.  The new owners then changed the call letters to KIDO on November 11, 1928. Art Gregory listed the various "eras" of KIDO's history and told the group a little about each era. They included: 

7YA                                                    1919 or early 1920                              

KFAU                                                 July 18, 1922                          

KIDO C.G. “Kiddo” Phillips              November 11, 1928                

Mesabi-Western  (Bill Boeing)        February 1, 1959                    

Western Broadcasting                     July 1976                                

Sundance Broadcasting                   Spring 1979                            

Jacor/Clear Channel                         January 1997                              

Peak Broadcasting                           April 2007      


Art said that each period had it's own unique history, and there were people in the room from each era from 1941 on, some of whom who spoke their experiences during that time.


Jimmy Johntz was a KIDO Engineer from 1941-1947, and was KIDO's acting Chief Engineer when former Chief Harold Toedtemeier left for World War II. Jimmy also built the first KIDO-FM in 1946 and was KIDO-FM's Chief Engineer.


R.W. Egelston was also a KIDO transmitter engineer in 1941 and 1942 working for Jimmy at the Wylie Lane Transmitter site.


Del Chapman worked as an announcer for Mesabi-Western starting in 1959 through 1965. Del first worked at the Hubbard Road Transmitter site studios, and later at the new Vista and Overland studios.


Art Gregory also worked for Mesabi-Western in 1975 and 1976 as an announcer, and then worked for a brief period for Western Broadcasting, who bought KIDO in July of 1976.


A number of people in the room worked for KIDO during the Sundance era, including Bill Hatch, Jon Adamson, Marty Holtman, Del Chapman, Chris Kelley, Samantha Wright, and Jim Kimball.


Those working for KIDO in the Jacor/Clear Channel era included Chris Kelley, Samantha Wright, Dave Burnett, Claire Day and Jim Kimball.


It should be noted that Ele Ellis, Kathe Alters, Samantha Wright, and Don Wimberley were there representing Boise State Radio who now leases transmitter tower and space for KBSU-AM from Peak at the former KIDO 630 KHz transmitter site. "All-Talk 63" KFXD-AM now transmits from that site, and Jim Kimball (producer) and Chris Kelly (host of the Jon & Chris Show) were there representing KFXD-AM, which is now owned by Peak Broadcasting.


During the meeting we heard some great KIDO stories from Bill Hatch, Jimmy Johntz, R.W. Egelston, Del Chapman, and Marty Holtman. These were recorded on tape and may used in the book, as well as on a 1-3 Hour Radio Program on the History of KIDO. We ran out of time so the meeting was adjourned at about 1:45 P.M.


The Foundation will soon be contacting many of the people in the room to get their individual "stories" about KIDO. We wish to thank everyone for attending and appreciate your interest in the history of KIDO and their upcoming 80th Anniversary!