The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation

held its May 30th, 2008 Meeting from 11:30-1:30 Smoky Mountain Pizza on Parkcenter Blvd. in Boise. Attending were Foundation officers President Art Gregory, Vice President Frank Aden Jr., and Webmaster Rockwell Smith. 10 other members attended including; Kitty Fleischman, Bob Ahmann, Marty Holtman, Byron Johnson, Tip Goss, Tom Scott, Bill Hatch, Mike Pullin, Gerry Dean Moser, and R.W. Egelston. Joining the Foundation and becoming a member at the May 30th meeting was guest Judy Fisher, wife of the late Sammy Fisher, former KATN radio announcer. Special guest was Carrie Cornils, daughter of the late "Radio Wayne" Cornils of KFXD AM & FM

Rockwell Smith, Chief Engineer for KGEM-AM, which is now owned by Journal Broadcast Group, brought the actual late 40s' early 1950s application for KGEM's move from 250 watts at 1340 to 10,000 watts at 1140. Included were aerial photos that were determined NOT to be the ones taken by Member R.W. Egelston while leaning out of an airplane! The photos and application were still impressive, and were enjoyed by all before the lunch began. Thank you Rockwell!

Gerry Moser, Bob Ahmann , R W Egelston

 Art Gregory urged all members to submit their "bio" for inclusion on our website. Webmaster Rockwell is trying to "fill in the blanks" about who worked where and when in Idaho Broadcasting, as well as to make sure each broadcaster receives proper credit for their work and accomplishments. Submitting a "bio" and some pictures, video, or audio airchecks of your career is the best way make sure your place in broadcasting history is preserved! We are all about you, the people who have worked in and loved broadcasting; and about their many friends and family members who wish to preserve those memories too.

Art then introduced everyone at the table and let them give a brief "audio bio" of themselves and what they are doing now. These were recorded and we hope to feature the edited audio clips of what was said, along with each person's bio on the website.


Vice President Frank Aden Jr. spoke of his new research on Eastern Idaho Television, particularly KTLE.  Look for Frank to do a major article in an upcoming newsletter on the history of Eastern Idaho Television.

We then heard 4 different audio clips dating to 1954, 1972, 1973, and 1974.

First was an edited excerpt of a November 1954 High School Football Game carried on KFXD-AM. Announcer Doyle Cain (Father of Member Larry Cain who was playing in the game!) did a fantastic job of play-by-play announcing for thisNampa vs. Caldwell "Big 6 Championship" game of 1954. This aircheck, which was courtesy Larry Cain, featured the rapid-fire delivery of Doyle Cain, Dean of Idaho Sportscasters,  complete with live on-the-scene commercials for Nafiziger/Banks Men's Store and Home Federal Savings, both of Nampa. Shirl Black was the announcer, and you could hear the cheerleaders and the crowd in the background as Shirl read the spots - live on the scene! It was an exciting game withCaldwell scoring first, but then missing the extra point. Nampa finally broke the 6-0 score with their own touchdown, and they made the extra, putting them ahead of Caldwell 7-6. That's the way the game ended 7-6, Nampa, with Doyle Cain pointing out that it was a hard fought game between two evenly matched teams. Ed Troxal coached the Caldwell Cougars that year, and future Capital High Coach and Boise Schools Athletic Director Jack Acree played in this 1954 game as a senior! A superb example of the reason our organization exists! Where else could you hear this?

Sidenote: Member Byron Johnson remembers playing against this very tough 1954 Nampa Bulldogs team. Byron played foorball for Boise High School that same year and had some great stories to tell about the players on the team. Watch our website for the audio clip of Byron telling this story at the meeting on May 30th. We hope to have it up soon.

Next came the famous KEEP sign-off as voiced by Ben Tracy of KGAL Bend, Oregon. Ben Tracy is best known as the voice of Les Schwab and now "Grover's" Plumbing & Lighting. Here's the text of the sign-off announcement that we heard played, direct from a tape made right off the air in July of 1972!
That's It. The Day is Night.

K-Double-E-P relinquishes the rest of it to a "different" set of "stars."

We hope your evening's been fun...and that you've had a good day...and that tomorrow, gives us the opportunity to share with you once again, the "Magic" of 1450.

 If anyone should ask...K-E-E-P is owned and operated by Inland Broadcasting Incorporated...with studios and transmitter out here on Blue Lakes Boulevard North. With Night time power of two-hundred-fifty...and a THOUSAND watts of daytime power, K-Double-E-P broadcasts on an AM frequency of 1450 Kilocycles as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington D.C.

Entertainment...Information...and Community Service is what "Keep" is all about.

If this is YOUR kind of station, then we'd like to be your "Twin" companion again tomorrow.

Better get some sleep. We sign on early, at Six.

Next we heard a late 1973 aircheck of KBBK-FM in Boise featuring Member Rockwell Smith. One of the highlights of the aircheck was a commercial KBBK played for the Ada Theatre for a "late night" screening of the 1930s black and while documentary called "Reefer Madness." The local tag for this pre-recorded movie studio spot was voiced by none other than History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation Member Pat McCurdy ("yes Dirty McCurdy" from KYME)!  Pat said a special "Beatles movie" was also on the bill as a bonus. Rockwell sounded very good on the air, but some of the music was stuff we had never heard before. 

Finally, we heard a brief excerpt of a 1974 KBBK-FM aircheck by "Bill Bailey" (aka David Faught, David Terrell, Major Gridlock, etc. etc.). "Bill" sounded great, just as he does now, but somewhat younger (he was still in his teens). The highlight of this aircheck was the 1974 "Feeling Free" Pepsi Jingle with Roberta Flack belting out "All across the's the Pepsi to stay...feeling FREE !!!" Bill of course gave us his contribution to this spot at the end when he said "Pepsi bottled by the Nagel Beverage Company of Boise." Bill's entire aircheck, as well as Rockwell's above can be heard on Rocky's site at

After a few final comments the meeting adjourned at 1:30 P.M. and we all went back to work and returned to the year 2008! But for two hours, we all went back in time. If you weren't there, you missed a great meeting and perhaps some great ideas for promotions that have worked in the past.

We hope to have be able to announce the location of our June Meeting so as Paul Harvey says...stand by for news!