Every reasonable effort is made to assure that the material presented on this site is historically accurate.  However, we have learned that even multiple resources often repeat an error that was incorrectly stated somewhere years ago.  Whenever possible, we try to find original documents to validate our information, but most of the time, that is difficult if not impossible.

Also, even with accurate source material, we have made our own typographical errors.  These we correct as soon as we find them, but some may still slip by our proofreading.

Many sources are consulted whenever possible to correlate dates, names, etc.  One of the major sources for verification is the use of FCC records where they exist.  Even this, we have found, is not always fool-proof.

If you feel there is an error, please contact us with as much supporting information as possible and we will do our best to set the historical record straight if we feel it indeed supercedes the original source of information.

 If the material presented on this site is considered public domain, we probably will not cite all the sources consulted.  However, if we feel something is unique in its presentation, we will give credit to the source, and, if possible, obtain permission from the author.  If you are aware of any material that needs an acknowledgement, please let us know.  

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