This site is intended to provide as much historical information as possible about broadcasting in Idaho.  The biggest obstacle facing us was just how to present it and make it accessible and easy to use.   I'm sure there are probably several various methods that would all work equally well, but we chose to try to keep it as simple as possible.   This site, then, is organized like a flow-chart.

Starting at the home page, decide what you want to find -- AM, FM, or TV.  Each of these will take you to a listing of the stations under that heading.  Keep clicking toward your desired target.  As much as possible, all pages are cross-linked so you can click out to overlapping pages if you desire.

We started a major re-build of this site in January, 2008.

Further upgrades were undertaken in January 2014 and are currently being completed.  These upgrades were needed to resolve some some security problems which had allowed our site to be hacked and crashed several times.

Comments, praise, and constructive criticism is welcome.  Information that updates or corrects erroneous information is especially welcome. 

Thanks for visiting.

-- Rockwell Smith, Webmaster

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