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The February 2015 meeting of the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation was held on Friday February 27th at Smoky Mountain Pizza & Pasta on Parkcenter Blvd. in East Boise.

The occasion was to introduce the Idaho Band A& R which stands for Archives and Repository and will serve as a place where

Foundation Members attending included President Art Gregory; Andy and Linda Enrico; Tom Scott; Al Hale; Marty Holtman; Mark Broz, sales manager for Member station KKOO-FM, Jon Adamson; Katlin Cauffman; Bill Sargent, and new member Mike Wallace, who is chairing our new “Idaho Band Archives and Repository.”

 Guests attending included David Ferdinand, former KFXD News Director, Announcer, and Account Executive, as well as KIDO-AM morning man, who again introduced guests for the meeting. Thanks again David. Other guests attending included; Rick Tietsort; Kathleen Tietsort; musicians Bud Gudmudson and Ken Harris from the band called the Hoochie Koochie Men; Anne Sargent (Bill’s wife), and Kip Guth (former owner of KCIX-FM and KSGR/KANR-AM in Boise.

Special thanks again to Rick and Kathleen Tietsort. Rick made an announcement to the group about his new organization called “Friends of Don” which was formed to help Don with his medical, legal, and basic living expenses. Rick said the first goal is to help Don find and hire a lawyer who will take on his case. A brief discussion took place and you can contact us here at this website at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will forward your message on to Rick Tietsort.

After going around the room and getting everyone’s story (which you can hear on Segment #1 of the meeting audio), Dave turned the microphone over to Art and Mike Wallace who started the feature program on the “Idaho Band Archives and Repository.” Art introduced Mike Wallace who is with Gerry & the Dreambenders. Art also showed photos of Strawberry Glen, the rock band Art was in from 1972-1973.

  •         We then saw photos of Dick McGarvin hosting “Teen Telehop” a local version of American bandstand.
  •         The next photo showed a 1961 KIDO Chart featuring Paul Revere and the Raider’s first national hit “Like Long Hair.”
  •         The next KIDO chart from 1966 showed “Louie Louie” by Paul Revere and the Raider’s at #1 and “Diamond in the Sky” by the Chancellors at #2.
  •         The next 2 KIDO photos showed the Chancellor’s playing live at the Merc Dept Store in Boise’s Franklin Shopping Center, and showed Phil Volk, Tom Lowe, and the KIDO “Live-Five” there.

Mike then covered the local band photos and featured the following bands:

  •         The Playboys featuring Tim Woodward, Justin Bonner, Vance Shirley and others (1961)
  •         The early Mystics from 1963 or, managed by Del Chapman
  •         July 1965 KFXD Chart showing song #26 “Hey Girl” and “Raindrops”by the Chancellors

Art also passed around some “promo” copies of 45’s by the Kinks “All Day and All the Night”, “My heart Tells Me to Believe” by the Womenfolk on RCA, and ”The Disadvantages of You” by The Brass Ring on Dunhill Records.

The meeting continued showing the following photos:

  •         KIDO Chart from December 1965 showing song #25 “Graduation 69” by the Knightbeat
  •         KYME Chart from January 1966 showing “She’s My Girl” by the Motifs at position #18.
  •         The Quirks 1966 photo was then shown and Mike named all the members, who he knew well. The featured photo showed the band wearing what was called “the circus suits.”  They were smoking cigarettes in the photo.
  •         Art then played part of “Susie Q” and “My Babe” by the Motif’s on Baton Records.
  •         Member Jon Adamson brought up a local label in Twin Falls being pushed by station management during BMI and ASCAP “logging” periods so the local artists could get at least some “airplay royalties.” Art told a humorous but true 1970s story of Jim Zamzow being threatened by an ASCAP representative, and how Jim handled the situation.
  •         Art then played the entire song by the Motif’s “She’s Girl” which carted top 20 on KYME’s January 1966 chart. Bob Swanson, who was popular DJ on KIDO soon after quit the Motifs to concentrate on his radio career, moving to KEX Portland in mid 1966.
  •         The next photo showed the Blues Dimension. Member Bill Sargent pointed out that the predecessor to that band was called the Rainiers. They used to practice at Wise Construction Company on South Park Blvd, across from Townsquare Medias studio.
  •         The Wandering Kind was next, and Mike Wallace explained how good they were in 1966-1967, and talked about each member.
  •         The Crystal Ship was next, showing both the original band and the 2011 reunion band that Mike Wallace was in, that featured original members Lynn Wilson and Bob Holtz.
  •         Sound Farm Limited was next and showed drummer Gary Rundell at the Ontario Armory.
  •         KYME Chart from later in 1966 showing the song “Ghost of Monks” by William Penn & the Quakers at position #38 on the Twilight label. The beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” was on this chart showing #26 being “Hey You” and “Look so Fine” by the Knightbeats on Baton Records.
  •         KFXD Chart from August of 1968 showed “Hey Little Girl” by William Penn & the Quakers.
  •         A discussion took place regarding the Dream Children and Cliff Green Junior, and his father Cliff Senior, who was a great jazz musician who one time hosted Duke Ellington at his Boise home. Cliff Senior operated Cliff’s House of Hi-Fi and answered the phobe by simply saying “Cliff’s!” Bill Sargent said that when you’d ask him how he was doing he’d say “Cray-zee man…” Everyone there remembers Cliff Senior as a great man and as a great musician.
  •         The song “Jazz Jam” by the Dream Children, recorded in 1971 by Art Gregory was then played, but since it was recorded in stereo, it would only play in one channel on the mono PA amp at the meeting, so further play was stopped. The complete song is presented here (on-line) in mono and sounds great! This was played by Art Gregory on KYME in 1974 and 1975.
  •         The song “Hey Little Girl” by William Penn & the Quakers from Greenleaf, Idaho was then played in full! You can hear it here on line in segment #3.
  •         A photo of Don Campbell’s 1970 “season pass” to get in free to any of Bob Dye’s Ontario Armory Dances was then shown.

Mike Wallace then explained the concept behind The Idaho Band A&R (Archives and Repository), and the needs of the project, and asked for any material that anyone has. Please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The door prize drawing courtesy Member Katlin Cauffman of Cumulus Broadcasting was then held and guest Kathy Teitsort won a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Lock Stock and Barrel, and Member Marty Holtman won $40 to “Which-Wich” in the Village Shopping Center in Meridian.

Everyone gave Cumulus Media and Katlin Cauffman a big round of applause, and the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm. by Art Gregory.