The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation, Inc. has received our tax-exempt status as a 501 (c) (3) charity. Our Tax ID number is 57-1236682. That allowed us to join The Idaho Nonprofit Center and participate in “Idaho Gives”the huge state-wide “on-line” fundraiser coming up this Thursday May 4, 2017.  More on that in a moment.

It has always been our mission to build a permanent and living repository for the preservation of the history of radio and television broadcasting within the State of Idaho.  We now have the opportunity to do that, but need to raise $30,000 for a down payment to purchase the original KFXD Studios at 1024 12th Avenue South in Nampa, built in 1937.  See the photos and article below. This building is the real thing folks! The down payment amount also covers the “matching funds” we need to apply for a grant to obtain the remainder of the purchase price. 

As reported in the January issue of As the Turntable Turns, Member David Ferdinand has been working with the owner of the building, which we recently toured, and it is wonderful condition. The owner wants to sell it to the Foundation and is willing to carry the papers until we can pay it off. Based on that, and knowing we have a motivated seller, the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation’s Board of Directors, consisting of myself, Frank Aden Jr., and Rockwell Smith voted to make an offer to purchase the building, assuming we can raise the $30,000 down payment.

Our plan is to not occupy the building immediately, but instead to acquire it as an asset of the Foundation. This will serve two purposes:  (a) To preserve a historical radio station and make sure it is not sold to a developer, and (b) To eventually occupy the building as a Museum and Education Center for Idaho Broadcasting.

We realize this is huge undertaking. However, we have studied how other organizations have successfully done this in Chicago and in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we will model our museum after theirs. Plus, now that we are a tax exempt charity, we believe the funds are “out there” to do this, especially though grants and endowments from other Nonprofit Foundations.

But to make this project a become an immediate reality, we need to reach out to our members and others in the public, and ask for private donations to raise the $30.000 down payment.


This building will be MORE than a just MUSEUM of Idaho Broadcasting; it will become the History of Idaho Broadcast Education Center and will help bring to the community a broader knowledge of how pioneers in Idaho Broadcasting created enormous impact on the evolution of society, as well as providing a training facility for future radio and television broadcasters!

Our goal is to CELEBRATE and HONOR you, and other past and present broadcasters from across Idaho. We also wish to include every broadcasting station in the state of Idaho. Our ultimate mission is to stimulate in people of all ages, especially the young, a recognition of the practical and real contributions to our quality of life that radio and television broadcasting has provided, and continues to provide, to the people of Idaho!

Contributions of any amount are needed, but especially those of $250.00 or greater. If just 60 Foundation members contribute $250.00 or more…and we can get the public to match that amount, we’ll reach our goal! I realize some of you have already donated “extra” funds to help us obtain the 501 (c) (3), and we certainly appreciate that and will apply those contributions towards our final goal. However, if you can further us help us reach this immediate goal, it would be wonderful!  Thanks again for all you have done, and continue to do for broadcasting in Idaho.

To make a tax-exempt donation through “Idaho Gives” please click here.

Thank You, Art Gregory, President HIBF