History of Idaho Broadcasting

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Friday April 27, 2018

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Go back in time 50 Years to April 1968

When former Member Byron Johnson


appeared as a guest

on KATN’s Talk Show

hosted by

Bob Salter

Just a few days after the death of

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Bob was the host of “Coffee Time” from 1964-1972


We’ll go back in time to April 1968 right after the tragic death of

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   At that time, there were race riots

taking place & fires burning in cities all across the United States.

Former Idaho Supreme Court Justice Byron was a 30-year-old

Boise Attorney when this show was recorded,  and was one of a

few Democrats willing to even appear on the Bob Salter Show!

That being said, Bob Salter & Byron Johnson both illustrate how

opposing views could have an intelligent dialogue, and could also

agree, and even “agree to disagree” without being disagreeable!  


You’ll hear actual call from all over the Treasure Valley and will

be able to see how just much the political landscape has changed,

sometimes for the better in Boise. But, you’ll also see also see how

some things have not changed…or have gotten worse.  This show

also gives us a hint of what is to come in 1968 - and 50 years later.


Hear the “roots” of Conservative Talk Radio in Boise!


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