History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation October 26, 2012 Meeting

Audio from the meeting:  Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

The October 26, 2012 Meeting of the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation was held from 11:30 to 1:30 P.M. at Smoky Mountain Pizza & Pasta located on Parkcenter Blvd. in Southeast Boise.

The reason for meeting was the official "launch" of the new book "KIDO-Boise's First Radio Station" written by Foundation President Art Gregory. The book has been published by Arcadia Publishing of Charleston, South Carolina and was released nationwide on Monday October 22, 2012 and is now available for purchase nationwide in both bookstores, and on-line.


Attending from the Foundation was President Art Gregory and Board Member and Webmaster Rockwell Smith. Assisting with the meeting was Patty and Isabella Gregory, who pick up and escorted 92-year-old Pete Furno to the meeting. Assisting on the technical end from KIDO (courtesy of Peak Broadcasting) was KIDO Assistant Chief Engineer Howard Green, who handled the video projector and lap-top computer that showed photos from book, and Joe E. King and his son "J3" King, who handled audio.


Assisting in selling books at the meeting was Peak Broadcasting Account Executive and Foundation Member Cindee Scholfield, and Cumulus Broadcasting Account Executive Katlin Cauffman. Cumulus and Peak are both Corporate Members of the Foundation.

Foundation Members attending the meeting included; Larry Newton, Al Hale, Mark Bolland, Marty Holtman, Don Morin, Market Manager, and, Blair Cook Account Executive from Cumulus Broadcasting; Andy and Linda Enrico, Helen Gregory (mother of Art Gregory). Tom Scott, Kym Pratt, Account Executive of Member KTVB Channel 7, Judy Fisher, Steve Wade, Vera Cederstrom, Lucus Babin, Account Executive from Peak Broadcasting, and Terry Tario, Market Manager of Adelante Media, and former Vice President and Market Manager for Clear Channel Communications.

Guest attending included Bud Gudmundson of Boise, musician and lifelong friend of Art Gregory.

Five members were there as honored guests, and are all featured in the book, including engineer R.W. Egelston, and announcers Pete Furno, Del Chapman, Larry Taylor, and Mike Lesh. It should be noted that Member Andy Enrico is also featured in the book as KIDO's former Sales Manager, but chose to let the "disc jockeys" be the "stars" of the meeting!

The meeting was opened at 11:25 with a welcome from President Art Gregory, who indicated that he'd spoken the previous day with former KIDO Radio and Television announcer, program director, and later station manager Jack Link in Seattle, who told him that Thursday October 25th was his 87th Birthday. So as a gesture of friendship and respect, Art lead the group in a chorus, singing "Happy Birthday to You" to Jack, and wished him a very happy birthday, thanking him for all he has done for KIDO.

A special two minute recorded audio greeting from Jack Link was then played. Jack thanked everyone for attending wishing he could be there in person, but reminded us he was there in spirit. He then personally greeted Pete Furno, R.W. Egelston, Del Chapman, Larry Taylor, and Mike Lesh, saying something nice about everyone one of them. He also greeted Vee Cederstrom, in memory of Don, and Andy and Linda Enrico, also mentioning Jim Davidson.

Art then showed photos from the book featuring the five former KIDO employees who are all featured in the book, as well as playing some audio clips from them or and KIDO jingles or news clips from the period of KIDO's history they had worked in.


Pete Furno, who is 92 years old, worked at KIDO in the late 1940s until 1949. When Jack Link the afternoon announcer on KCID-AM (which has just signed on the air in 1947), Pete referred to Jack as "the missing Link" while Jack returned the playful jab (on the air) to Pete calling him "Peter Plink."  Art then played the touching poem that Pete had to read to him two years earlier on his 90th birthday, asking God if he might live another year...and then another...and then yet another year until he is 100! Let's hope the poem is correct and Pete Furno is indeed still with us on his 100th birthday...Go Pete!

Pete then took the microphone and told the story of how he got hired at KIDO right after World War II, and went on to work there until the late 1940s. During that time he played in the "KIDO Combo" a small dance band that featured announcer Rulon Bradley on string bass and Gene Perkins as the band's Master of Ceremonies. He still plays the drums, even at age 92, and says he has to be careful how early or late in the day he plays them. Apparently the walls are rather thin at the retirement home he lives at, and while Pete's drumming is admired by all; they preferred it to be in small doses and during the day! Art showed the 1948 picture of Pete taken at KIDO's 20th Anniversary, and mentioned that Pete was also at KIDO's 80thAnniversary celebration. The Foundation hosted the event in November of 2008 in the Crystal Ball Room at the former Hotel Boise, where the original 1948 event was held to celebrate KIDO's 20th anniversary.

Vern Moore was honored with a News Clip from 1971 that featured substitute KIDO newsman Dave Combs spotlighting a special "get well" message to Vern from Ferd Koch of the Idaho State Legislature. Of course a great number of the photos in the book came from Vern Moore, and his wife Lorraine and her daughter Jessica Shedd.

Several great KIDO jingles were played featuring Gib and Jeannie Hochstrasser, as well as two great commercials from Dick McGarvin and Jim Blossey, both from the mid 1960s. You can hear them in their entirety on the meeting audio.

Del Chapman was honored for his late 1950s and 1960's role at KIDO, and brief air-check clip of Del ending a KIDO "Checkpoint" Newscast and giving the time was played. Art had Del imitate the clip in person to provide a fun contrast.

Larry Taylor recounted his time at KIDO from 1967-1968, and how he then began doing the weather, part time, on KTVB Channel 7. Larry says News Director Sal Celeski called him right after he'd moved to Eugene, Oregon after Georgia Davidson saw him on television there, not realizing he'd just been on KTVB doing the weather! Larry turned down that offer to return to Channel 7, but did return to KTVB several years later, as an Anchorman from 1975-1980. No pictures exist of Larry on KIDO radio, as far as we know, but Larry is featured in the book on a 1967-1968 "Program Schedule" that shows "The Larry Taylor Program." He called his popular morning show "Funrise!"

Mike Lesh then told the group how he was hired at KIDO in 1969 by Lon Dunn after serving as a morning DJ for Armed Forces Radio in Nuremberg, Germany. Mike is featured in the book in a clever KIDO print ad designed Art Voornas Advertising. Mike is still a jokester and made some humorous observations of the photo that was used in the ad showing him using a headset (which he says he didn't use) and some other comments concerning his "hair," or present day, lack-of.


Art then thanked and acknowledged all who attended the meeting, and especially thanked the many people who purchased a book (pretty much everyone)!

The meeting was then adjourned at 1:30.