Stations that for some reason simply no longer exist .....


KSKI  1340, licensed to Hailey.   Signed on February 1966. 

         Call letters changed to KNRC December, 1985

          License cancelled May 9, 1993


KMCL 1240, Licensed to McCall/Donnelly.

       KMCL began operations in McCall October 15, 1965.  It operated with 500W day, and 250Wnight.

       When the station signed off in 2009, it was owned by Brundage Mountain Air Inc. and Mountain Air

       KMCLwas assigned the call letters KZID on  June 1, 1987.   On  February 10,  the station changed its call sign back to KMCL.   

       On October 9, 2009, the station turned in its license to the Federal Communications Commission.

       The license was cancelled and the call sign deleted from the FCC's database.