AM pages, PEOPLE pages, and FOUNDATION INFO are fully
restored from the old site.  I have a couple of people proofreading
for any remaining link issues on those pages.  If you are viewing this
site and observe a broken link on any of those pages, please let me know.
FM and TV pages are still being tweaked.
Rockwell Smith, Webmaster   March 30, 2014

Most of the main pages are up and working again.  There is still
a lot to be done on the TV pages, and that is moving along slowly. 
The main (non-translator) FM stations are nearly complete. 
The AM main page is complete, but the station pages are still being updated. 
Even though I built the original site, I guess I had forgotten how BIG this project is. 
Thanks for your patience during this upgrade and facelift.
Rockwell Smith, Webmaster    March 28, 2014

Most of the pages have been restored from back-up files.  However,
many links are still not working.  If you are seeking something and you
are not sure if it is back on the site, or a link isn't working, try using
the "SEARCH" feature in the upper right-hand corner of the
page.  Type in a keyword, and if the page is back on the site, you
should be able to find it that way.   Page formatting and links
are still being repaired daily.
Rockwell Smith, Webmaster   March 10, 2014

We are still working to re-populate the AM, FM, and TV Pages.  Most of the stations are once again listed
and links are being updated.   Many links are still not working or are out of date.  This is being corrected
as fast as possible.  Pictures and audio links will be re-imported once the rest of the site is mostly
functional.  Please check back in a few days.  Your patience is appreciated. 
"Contact" link is now working and will email me if you have a message.
Rockwell Smith, Webmaster - February 21, 2014

The past few weeks this site has been down due to the need for some much
needed updating and resolving some compatibility problems with newer
browsers. We are still re-building the site but we are back on line.  Your
understanding  and patience is appreciated.
Rockwell Smith, Webmaster - January 2014