History of Idaho Broadcasting

a 501 (c) (3) Charity

Asks you to Donate


We’ve purchased the former KFXD building at 1024 12th Ave S. in Nampa.

Here is what it looks like today. We need to raise just over $200,000

by the end of 2020 to complete and finalize the purchase.


Please help!


Here’s why it’s important…





Where the past meets the present!


We want to educate people on the vital role FREE

over-the-air broadcasting has ALWAYS played

and continues to play to this day. Especially Now!


This museum portion will document important history…


but will help remind us of who we are & how far we have come.


…and perhaps show us some ways to make the future better!




Radio and TV continue to do SO MUCH for our State!


Here’s a way to recognize and honor the people


who work VERY hard to make radio & TV happen…

24 hours a day, 365 days a year!


We also want to train

future broadcasters

If broadcasting is to continue to excel and improve,

we need a training program that utilizes the same

equipment and software used in today’s radio

and television stations. Our plan is to bring current

broadcasters to our facilities and pay them for their

efforts, using student tuition fees, at least in part,

to help fund the training programs.


Broadcasting is over 100 years old in Idaho…

and this is important “history” we are preserving

and will be celebrating & honoring in our future

History & Education Center!


That is why we need a building with an

endowment fund, and also need to create a

Media Education Center to keep it going

for another 100 years!


Call the Foundation office at


(208) 853-7756.

Text Art at (208) 761-1396


or via Email HIBF@Q.com