Meeting – April 24, 2008

The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation
held its April 24, 2008 Meeting from 7:00-9:00 P.M. at the studios of Impact Radio Group in Nampa. Impact G.M. Randy Hyatt and Sales Manager Darla Sturtevant hosted our group in grand style with a delicious array of fresh fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, cookies, and juice and coffee.

The actual meeting and tour were hosted by Impact staffer Shawn Kimmel, who is now the new afternoon announcer on 100.7 KQLZ-FM. KQLZ changed call letters from KAYN on April 8th and will soon change its music delivery system to the new Scott Shannon Satellite Oldies Network. Shawn indicated that he was officially named to the post that day (April 24th), but had been “filling in” in that time slot for the past couple of weeks. The popular AM-Drive Duo “Big Jack and Bryan” will remain on the air doing mornings, which along with Shawn in afternoon drive, who will be also do his show live.

HIBF President Art Gregory started the meeting off by welcoming the group and allowing everyone to give a brief introduction and “bio” of themselves and their involvement in the radio television industry. Attending were HIBF Members Tip Goss, Shawn Kimmell, Vice President Frank Aden Jr., Webmaster Rockwell Smith, Al Hale, Mike Pullin, Jon Adamson, and Larry Smith. Also attending were guests Corbett Larson, Dr. Ralph Smith, Karen Stiehl, and Jason Hendrie. Two additional guests, veteran broadcaster William R. Hatch, and Harold Homeier of Journal Broadcast Group, became new members and joined tonight.

After hearing some great “broadcasting stories” from both members and guests, Art played some audio clips starting with the recently acquired “The Cowboy’s Prayer” by Ken Bort. This wonderful spoken piece, which was written and read by Ken Bort, played on Boise radio station KATN-AM in the early to mid 60s. It was played off the original tape cartridge loaned to us by KATN owner Ralph Frazer, and still sounds great 40+ years later! Ken Bort was a popular Country disc jockey who hosted “The Snake River Stampede” Western Music Show on KFXD-AM, KGEM-AM, and KATN-AM in the 1950s and 1960s.

We also heard Caldwell AM station KBGN-AM’s actual “Emergency Broadcast System” cartridge read by John Runkle Jr, owner of several Deer Point Transmitter building and towers. This was the 1960s “cold war” tape that was to be played in the event of “an actual emergency.”

We then heard a variety of old radio jingles from KYME-AM, KFXD-AM, KSPD-AM, KIDO-AM, KUPI-AM and more! There were actual vintage commercials played too including a KFXD-AM spot for Waterbed Showcase read by Charlie Fox, two Gib and Jeanie Hochstrasser jingles for The Western Idaho State Fair and Idaho First National Bank. We also heard a 36 year old KBOI-AM air check from “Art Gregory Show” featuring a 1972 KBOI news promo voiced by Paul J. Schneider!

We also heard a 1978 60 second spot for Budget tapes and records that featured a sale on “bongs left over from our Christmas shipment.” The spot, voice by Art Gregory and played on both KUUZ-FM and KFXD-AM, was legal back then, as drug “paraphernalia” was legal in Idaho in 1978, and was advertised on both radio and television in the Boise market.

At the end of the meeting guest Karen Stiehl showed off her extensive collection of photos of radio and television stations and personalities dating back to the late 1970s. Included were “Shotgun Don Kelly,” Casey Keating, Bob Anthony, Larry Gebbert, Larry Lomax, Gary McCabe, and many others. We hope to obtain scans of them and feature them on our website.

Host Shawn Kimmell then gave the entire group an informative tour of the studios of 99.1 KTMB-FM, 96.1 KSRV-FM, and 100.7 KQLZ-FM. We also saw where the new studios will be for 101.1 KMXM-FM, which will soon move from McCall to Parma.

The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation wishes to thank Randy Hyatt, Darla, Shawn, and Brandi Hulme for their gracious hospitality. It was most appreciated and everyone was very impressed with the new facilities, which are indeed state-of-the-art.

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